Yours for a Ridiculous Amount

Earth Day Special–20 cents for 3-16oz bottles of cleaners!  I just love these cleaners, all made with Basic H2.  If you haven’t tried them I would love to see if you love them too!  They will help you and the earth.  Have you ever wondered if you are adding more toxins to your home when you clean?  It’s hard to believe we could be contributing to chemical overload when doing the right thing by cleaning.  I used to get a dizzy headache and a sneezing spell every time I cleaned the house.  Here’s why:

1. chlorine bleach is the chemical most frequently involved in household poisonings in the U.S.

2. degreasers, which may contain petroleum distillates cause lung tissue damage and dissolve fatty tissue around nerve cells

3. glass cleaners, which often contain ammonia that irritates skin, eyes, and respiratory airwways

4. oven cleaners, which are the most dangerous cleaning products causing severe damage to eyes, skin, mouth, and throat

5. toilet bowl cleaners can also be harmful if inhaled and fatal if swallowed

Now, no more dizzy headaches and sneezing.  Basic H2 changed all that. If you have children or know others with headaches, asthma, sinus trouble, lethargy, or allergies please call.  Try my 20 cent special!  Just call or email and I’ll get it to you.

BASIC-H2                                                                     All Purpose Cleaner                               For cleaning all surfaces, walls, furniture, floors, dusting, interior, exterior, motor vehicles. No residue. No rinsing. Sticky countertops, kitchen appliances, dusty tables, chrome lighting fixtures, spilled juice, steering wheels, telephones, chandeliers. . .

BASIC-H2                                                                     Industrial Strength Cleaner                     For heavier cleaning, oily & light to medium degreasing on most surfaces, walls, floors, tile, concrete, spot removal, kitchen areas, exhaust hoods, motor vehicles, interior, exterior. No residue. No rinsing. Barbecue grill grunge, muddy doggie prints, adhesive residue, patio furniture, dusty ceiling fans, microwave mishaps. . .

BASIC-H2                                                                     Window & Glass Cleaner                        Excellent for interior & exterior applications.  Glass, mirrors, plexiglass. . .

BASIC H2                                                                                                                                         Cleaning Wipes                                     Basic H2 in a convenient and biodegradable wipe that leaves no residue. Use ready made or ask me for a recipe to make your own with strong paper towels.

You will be saving room in the landfills too, since one bottle of Basic H2 makes 380 bottles of all-purpose cleaner, or 8 gallons of industrial strength cleaner, or 5,800 bottles of window cleaner and best of all IT WORKS!

2 thoughts on “Yours for a Ridiculous Amount

  1. I love my Basic – H, Ann, and a bottle lasts a very long time! I am curious, tho, to know your tips on how to use it for specific cleaning jobs like you mention in the blog. I’d also like to know how to make the wipes. As always, thanks for sharing such good information. Kay

    • Great question, Kay. WINDOWS, MIRRORS: 1-2 drops (no more or it streaks!) ALL-PURPOSE: 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH: 1+ 1/2 teaspoon. These are the measurements for 16 oz of water. Hope that helps. It works great to give it some “working” time too. For example, spray the spots on the stove or counter–walk away a few minutes–come back and wipe it clean! I will send you the recipe for the wipes by email. Thanks for asking, Kay.

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