Yo-Yo Dieter Has Trouble Tying Shoes

Like so many of us, Jeff was a “yo-yo dieter,” making it more and more difficult to lose weight. Here are some phrases that I think helped Jeff succeed:  “I couldn’t, I ordered, I committed, I plugged in, I found I could, I can.” Watch for those words in Jeff’s story!

Jeff loses 60 pounds and gains a healthy lifestyle

            At the end of an especially caloric holiday season, I had ballooned up to an all-time high weight of 211 pounds on my 5-foot 6-inch frame. I couldn’t fit into my clothes comfortably anymore and actually had trouble tying my own shoes for the first time in my life. Without any special fanfare, drama, or concern, I ordered my Cinch® Starter Kit and simply followed the plan as best I could. I committed to the process by setting goals with specific objectives and by starting a monthly Auto-Ship order. I plugged in to the Cinch support network to get my questions answered and to connect with others on the same journey. I then began learning (and re-learning) how to eat correctly through Cinch University.

Here I am, nine months later, down 60 pounds and at my goal. I didn’t join any expensive gyms, pay for any personal trainers to overwork me, suffer feelings of unquenchable hunger cravings, nor did I even sacrifice the foods I love. In fact, I’ve discovered a whole new world of healthy food I never knew existed.

Dieting has always been a mystery to me; I was never able to figure out what was causing my weight to cycle up and down. In the game of Clue, there is always a victim—and in dieting, that victim was me.

I felt Clue-less. What caused me to gain weight in the first place? Was it Lady Carbohydrate in the convenience store with the empty-calorie snacks? Or was it Mr. Fat in the buffet with the all-you-can-eat plate? Perhaps the real culprit was Colonel Protein in the drive-thru with the greasy fast food?

Cinch took the mystery out of weight management and helped me solve the “yo-yo diet” riddle. I love the vanilla shake mix because it is so versatile. I can mix it with berries or freeze-dried decaf coffee and make two entirely different shakes that each taste great. Exercise is STILL my biggest challenge, but I found I could use the CinchWellness.com Web site to properly plan out a weight-management schedule to fit my lifestyle. Now I can choose more constructive New Year’s resolutions instead of the same old “lose weight” every time.

Thank you, Shaklee, for making weight management a “Cinch!”

                        –Thanks! to Jeff Jones, South Carolina

Because of excess weight, what can’t you do that you wished you could? Like Jeff, YOU could go from “I COULDN’T . . . . TO. . . . I CAN.”

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