Wrinkles, Aging Skin–Help

Dear Ann,

I am really concerned about my skin these days.  Please help me.  I have noticed aging of my skin, drying, and increased wrinkles.  I am also concerned about the condition of my skin 10 years from now, since my skin is already very sensitive and I’m extremely careful what I put on it.

Do you have anything that can help me?

I need something that will protect my skin from the sun in the summer, from wind and cold in the winter, and also from the pollution we are surrounded with everyday.  I have tried other skin systems and instead of making my skin even and smooth, my skin just feels oily.  I’m also not able to stick with a skin care system, which is probably because I don’t see any difference in my skin.

I don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on my face every day, so I can’t purchase something that will take hours of my time each morning and night.  Cost is also a concern: Lancome’s night cream alone is $155, Elizabeth Arden’s anti-aging serum is also $155 , La Mer moisturizing cream is $250.  Does Shaklee’s skin care system compare to these and does it work easily and well?

Thanks for your help and I hope to hear from you soon.


Many Women

Dear Many Women,

I appreciate your concerns for your skin:  aging, drying, wrinkles, sensitivity, protection from the sun, cold, toxins, and being able to see a difference since you are spending money. I agree that it is important to have a simple system that you will keep up with when you notice a difference.  For many, cost is also an issue.

Enfuselle, which is a French word meaning “feed the cell” is a system which addresses the concerns you have.  Shaklee, the number ONE natural nutrition company in the U.S., has put together a unique skin care system-Enfuselle-which is nutrition for your skin.  If we are putting good nutrition in our bodies and on our skin, our bodies will build healthier cells and it will show on our face.  The complete system which has seven parts: cleanser, toner, eye treatment, am repair with spf 15, pm repair, polisher, moisturizer, and a free lip treatment with spf 15, costs $220.45 SRP and if you are a Shaklee Member just $187.45.  (These prices compare very favorably with the ones you mentioned.)  It’s called Enfuselle Nutrition Therapy Skin Care System.  In 28 days, clinical studies confirmed:

  • 665% increase in skin firmness
  • 421% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles
  • 88% reduction in the appearance of fine lines

I hope you ask me how Shaklee got 665% increase.  Consider giving Enfuselle a try, and remember the Shaklee money back guarantee.

To a healthier you,



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