Winter Blues Solution

Even though our winter has been very mild with some beautiful days, we still have much less daylight and many dark days.  I miss the sun and warm weather!

The darker days of winter can be brightened with a few simple changes:
B Complex is essential for the brain and nervous system, along with happy moods.
Stress Relief Complex blunts cortisol that can cause anxiety reactions. This great product keeps you calm, alert, less tense, and able to concentrate better.
Mood Lift  is the name of Shaklee’s St John’s Wort, which helps balance serotonin in the brain.  Nothing like a positive mental outlook for getting through winter. Also, 1000mg of inositol helps chase away “the blues.”
Vita-D3 helps prevent depression, along with support for a healthy heart, a stronger immune system and strong bones and teeth.

Before you know it, spring will be just around the corner with longer daylight hours. Can’t wait!

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