Why Shaklee?

Let’s review.  First, we discussed why it’s important to take care of our bodies.  Second, we talked about changing our thinking about vitamins.  And third, we described how our bodies need the tools (vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, pure water) to form healthy cells and we get these tools from good food and good vitamins.

Now, why choose Shaklee?  Can we trust this company?  Dr. Shaklee, founder of Shaklee Corporation, said “Quality comes first.”  Roger Barnett, present CEO  of Shaklee, said “Quality without compromise. Ever.”   Here are my top reasons for taking and sharing Shaklee:

1.  NATURAL INGREDIENTS.  Dr. Shaklee found that people who didn’t eat a plant rich diet were more vulnerable to disease.  When given natural formulations, health and well-being improved.  Are you eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables?  Check the labels of the food in your home right now.  Shaklee uses no artificial colors, flavors, sweetners, or added preservatives.

2.  PURITY.  Shaklee stopped selling panax ginseng in 1998 when they couldn’t find any ginseng   world-wide which was not contaminated with quintozene, a fungicide banned in the US.  No other company stopped production.  Did they know there was contamination?  Did they care?  Shaklee completes over 83,000 quality control tests annually.

3.  POTENCY.  Do you know if what is on the label is what is in the product?  Yes, if you are using Shaklee.   39 of 43 ginseng-labeled products on the shelves in health food stores had no ginseng in them.  (USDA radio report) 


~THE LANDMARK STUDY.  In 2007, the UC Berkeley School of Public Health determined that people who took Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than people who took either no supplements or another brand of multivitamin.  Ask me if you would you like a copy of this study.

~TOP ATHLETES.  World class athletes who use Shaklee products have received 99 medals, 54 have been gold!   Shaklee is the Official Nutritional Sponsor of the U.S. Ski Team and U.S. Snowboarding.

~SATISFIED CUSTOMERS.  Many of you, along with thousands of others have shared improved health and well-being.  Feel free to share your experience and I will send you a FREE 2010 Product Guide.


So sleep easy using these products and enjoy giving them to those you love. 

5 thoughts on “Why Shaklee?

  1. Ann, isn’t there a book written by or about Dr. Shaklee that you recommended to me once? I remember reading it and being impressed with the man, but I don’t remember the title! But I appreciated learning that Shaklee was founded on solid values and solid science.

    • The title of the book is The Shaklee Story by Robert L. Shook (Harper & Row). At age 62, Dr. Shaklee began Shaklee Corporation, after being successful as a chiropractor, nutritionist, inventor, research scientist, and a published author of books on business, philosophy, and psychology. He was also a renowed nutritional speaker, pastor, and radio personality. All of these gifts and talents served him well in the new company. The book also explains why Dr. Shaklee chose the network marketing business model. The public needed to be educated and this could be done best with one to one relationships. The motto was: “Teach others to teach others to teach others.” Dr. Shaklee developed products that were “in harmony with nature” and someone needed to share how this Shaklee Difference impacted health. Synthetic products would not feed cells and Shaklee Corporation needed people who understood these differences to share with others. Compensation would go to those who did the sharing. There would be no way to get paid if you did not talk to people and do the work! I still have the book if anyone would like to borrow it!

  2. People say, Why pay more when it’s cheaper at the health food store? And the health food store people say Shaklee is mediocre. But if it is true about Shaklee’s committment to purity and natural real-food ingredients, there is not much to argue about.

    • That’s an interesting comment, Angela. Price is a big issue; so when I first became a distributor I visited the health food store and asked for their highest quality vitamin. They suggested a specific one, which I purchased. Serving size for serving size the cost was 3 times Shaklee’s Vita Lea! And the most telling fact was that it never dissolved!
      For me and it sounds like for you, education helped make the decision. By the way, I never swallowed “the other brand!”

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