Why I Have a Shaklee Business

People I have asked to join me in my Shaklee business often say, “I couldn’t do that–I don’t like to sell.”  Actually, I said the very same thing, even more forcefully.  I said, “I will never sell anything!”  That taught me to be more careful about what I say since I have been selling Shaklee products for over 18 years.  Do you know anyone who says, “I love to sell.”? Most people say something similar to what I said, even though if we look around us, everything in our homes or offices was purchased from a salesperson or from a company with products which meet our needs.  In fact, most of us enjoy buying products and services that help us in some significant way or enrich our lives.

The reason I changed my mind about having a Shaklee business is two-fold.  First, I heard of so many health needs from people around me.  The products helped our family with allergies, sinus problems, blood sugar issues, menopause symptoms, headaches, sore muscles, weight loss, dry skin, and the list could go on.  If the products helped us when other nutrition products did not, could Shaklee products also help others?  If not, then I wouldn’t have a business.  But the products did work for others; they make a difference.  Thanks to so many of you for the stories you have shared with me.

Second, having a Shaklee business has allowed me to “be there” for others who are an important part of my life.  Right now I am in Michigan, ready to take my Mom to the Dr.  Sometimes I am here to take care of grandkids if the parents need to be out-of-town for work.  Because so much of my work can be done with computer and telephone, I am able to fit it in at home or away; it makes a difference.

Use the products + love the products + share the products = Shaklee business.                Who do you know who could benefit from a Shaklee business?

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