What’s Your Story?

Sharing our stories was this year’s theme at the Shaklee Global Conference. Henry and I had a great time in Washington DC visiting with friends, learning new things, cruising down the Potomac River at sunset, and most of all hearing people’s stories.

~ Eli Bremer, 2008 Beijing Games Pentathlete, spoke of his adventures and success using Shaklee products. Just six weeks after the Olympics, Eli turned in the best performance in U.S. history with a bronze-medal finish at 2008 World Cup Final. Certainly he is a sincere hard-working athlete.

~ Captain Mark Kelly, yes Congresswoman Gabby Giffords husband, shared that he wasn’t always the best pilot.  It was great to hear a man admit after logging over 5000 flight hours that earlier in his career he was scared, sometimes incompetent, and yet so passionate about his work that he practiced and worked until he became proficient.  Loved his story.

~ Aron Ralston, author of Between a Rock and a Hard Place, and the inspiration behind Oscar-nominated film 127 Hours, told us about his experience hiking through Blue John Canyon in Utah. Perhaps you have heard that he made the difficult decision to sever his right forearm using a pocketknife, which ultimately saved his life. The best part was hearing about how this experience of pain and difficulty changed his perspective on life and those he loved and gave him the freedom he longed for. Beautiful.

~ Nathan & Jenni Oates attended the global conference in 2009 kicking and screaming.  They had so many losses in their young lives: death of a child to SIDS, a job loss, move to a new city, and then another job loss, thus surviving on beans and rice.  In no way did they want to be at that conference.  But what they heard changed their thinking and then their circumstances began to change, so much so that in the past year they earned over $100,000 with the Fast Track Program. A sweet, honest, transparent couple.

~ Melanie Jongsma, and no, Melanie was not at the conference, but when I came home and read her blog, she had tagged me! What an honor to be listed!  Because of Melanie, I have had the courage to even create a blog myself.  She’s a great teacher and loves to share both her own story and the stories of others.  Have fun reading her posts too; her blog is called:  Lifelines, helping you share your story.

So that’s my story for the past week and since I have shared previously about my Shaklee story, please share your story, at least one tiny thing! Thanks.

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