What Happened to Ending Cancer?

Back in my 20’s, the “war on cancer” had just begun. Soon we would have a vaccine or something to prevent us from getting cancer just like we had for polio and smallpox. That was comforting since the “c” word was sooooo scary.

But what has happened? Since then the National Cancer Institute has spent $90 billion on research and treatment in the past 40 years, and 260 non-profit organizations have budgets of $2.2 billion, are we closer to winning the war? The statistics on incidences of cancer are not good with cancer playing a role in one out four deaths in our country.

According to Dr. Margaret I. Cuomo MD, in yesterday’s article in the Daily Beast (Newsweek online), “When it comes to treating cancer, we seem to be in a holding pattern. We are still relying on surgery, chemotherapy and other anticancer drugs, and radiation, just as we did 40 years ago.” She goes on, “What happened to ending cancer? Simply put, we have not adequately channeled our energy into a full exploration of the one path certain to save lives: prevention. (Italics mine) The failure to give prevention its due has been a longstanding complaint. Political tensions arose in the 1960s and 1970s between those who wanted more attention placed on preventing cancer by addressing occupational and environmental factors and those who wanted the locus of responsibility to fall more on individual behavior choices.”

Click here to read more of her article or click on the book for more information at Amazon.

Sometimes answers to prevention of cancer are right in front of our eyes and in our homes. Are there prevention answers in what goes in us, on us, and around us? What are you putting in you, on you, and around you?

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    • It was definitely eye-opening to me too, Jodi. So much is out of our control, but there are some things that we can do for prevention. Thanks for commenting!

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