What Are You Made Of?

Some of the following was taken from one of my original blogs.  This message gets at the heart of the information I want to share with you and thus will be repeated now and then.

Think for a moment about what our bodies are made of:  “Sugar and spice and everything nice”–not quite.  Each part of our bodies, each organ is made of trillions of cells.  These cells are continually being replaced, repaired, and renewed .  Did you know, we receive about 300,000,000 new cells per day?  Dr. Linus Pauling, MD, stated that “the nutritional microenvironment of our body cells is crucially important to our health, and deficiencies in this environment constitute a major cause of disease.”  Thus, one of the aspects of a healthy body is the healthy function of healthy cells.

If you had all healthy cells, would you be healthy? Sure. How do we get healthy cells?  We must feed cells with good quality food and supplements!  What are cells made of?  Nutrients–vitamins, minerals, protein, phytonutrients, antioxidants, water, essential fatty acids, and so on!   Our bodies can begin forming healthier cells if we eat great food and take great supplements—-food based, lyophilized, living enzyme supplements! to build a healthier body.

What changes do you notice when you feed your cells properly?  Fewer allergy symptoms, softer skin, lower cholesterol, less sick days, happier disposition, better blood sugar levels, fewer aches and pains?  Feeding cells properly does make a difference.

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