What Are Vitamins Made Of?

About 20 years ago, after suffering with terrible allergies, an everyday dull headache, leg cramps, lack of energy, and just plain feeling old, someone suggested that I try some vitamins.  I had taken prenatal synthetic vitamins through 3 pregnancies and felt worse taking them.  They always gave me heartburn; later I found out why.  After giving the drugstore vitamins a try, I felt no positive difference.  My husband bought some health food store vitamins and again neither of us saw improvement in our health, besides, the cost difference was significant.  I asked him why we were spending all that money at the health food store when we could buy them so much cheaper at the drugstore.  Why were we even taking vitamins if we didn’t see or feel a difference in our health?

So when someone suggested Shaklee vitamins, I was very sceptical.  But there were 2 things that changed my mind so that I was willing to give them a try. 

First, I learned that there are basically 3 types of vitamins.  Silly me, weren’t they all the same?

          Synthetic:  (Most drug/health food store brands)  ~manufactured from chemicals, not food ~no enzymes  ~can legally be labeled “natural”   ~petroleum based  (did this give me the heartburn?)

          Crystallized:  (Often labeled “whole food”/some health food store brands)  ~chemical or heat extraction therefore-dead  ~weak enzymes at best  ~incomplete and imbalanced  ~questionable absorption/bioavailability

          Lyophilized:  (Shaklee processing of food supplements)  ~cool, room temperature,  non-chemical process therefore-alive  ~strong enzymatic action  ~balanced, from whole, healthy food  ~nourishes the cells

The second reason I agreed to try Shaklee is because of the money back guarantee and I was sure I would get my money back! 

Next time, the fun of feeding your cells.

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  1. I like both of the blog entries, Ann. They are both interesting (I love the way you say things!) and informative. Good work–and keep it up!!!!

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