What a Phone Call Will Tell

He picked up the phone; after I said hello, he said–“I was just thinking of calling you and telling you how great this stuff is.” “What stuff?” I asked.

“This Scour Off or whatever it is. Here’s what happened. You know we are remodeling our kitchen, right? Well, I should have covered the new stainless steel sink, but I didn’t. I spilled some construction adhesive–really nasty stuff–right in the sink. After trying a few different things to remove the adhesive, nothing worked. Then I remembered how well the Scour Off works on painted walls–I use it to take the pencil marks off when I’m measuring and it’s the best. So I gave it a try on the adhesive, knowing it was a much bigger task. Sure enough–the Scour Off took off the adhesive and left the brand new sink in perfect shape. I was amazed.”

So if you think you might have to sacrifice power in “going green,” you won’t. Get Clean products really perform. Order Scour Off  with your next order in April or May and watch for $1 in your mailbox! If you have a Scour Off story, please share. Watch for $5 in your mailbox!

Scour Off  Tips: Use scouring pad if scratching is not a problem, or use a wet, soft cloth. Use a very small amount. Scour Off will not scratch most surfaces; it is pleasant smelling, kind to lungs, easy on hands (no rubber gloves necessary), extremely versatile and effective.

USES: Sinks * Tubs * Ceramic Tile and Grout * Shower Doors * Stove Tops * Pots and Pans * Ovens * Ovenproof Glass * Stainless Steel * Grills * Removes rust and tar off chrome of car, etc. * Counter Tops * Marks off walls (test first) * Marks or spots on glass items * CorningWare Tops * Use your imagination for other uses, maybe even construction adhesive spills!

One thought on “What a Phone Call Will Tell

  1. Ditto to the power of Scour Off! I was raised using a powdered product (rhymes with vomit) and never knew there were other options. I appreciate using a cleanser that gets the job done, but doesn’t make me gasp like I had always done from the “toxic dust”.

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