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Welcome to this new blog–Vitaminute.  The blog  is designed to give you information in a minute or less to make your life a bit healthier and encourage you to think wellness. . . in you, on you, and around you!  You may be wondering how I started this journey, and yes it is a life long journey, which won’t be finished until the day I die.  I keep taking baby steps, sometimes going backwards and then moving forward.    It’s a challenge since life keeps changing.  So just when I think my diet and exercise are going well, then an emotional challenge knocks me over.

What baby steps are you taking to maintain good health?  This will be a place to share some tips that have helped me stay on track and perhaps you will share what works for you.  Would you agree it’s important to keep learning more about ourselves and what are the best things to honor the body and mind God has given?  Many of you, like myself, have Jesus Christ at the center of your life, so you “get” what the Bible says that “your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. . . honor God with your body.”  ICor. 6:19,20.  If this makes no sense to you and you would like to discuss it more, please let me know–I’d be happy to have a conversation about that.

Choosing to honor God is why it’s important to take care of what I put in my body (preservatives and pesticides beware!), what goes on my skin (chemicals find a new home!) and what goes around my home (toxins get away!).  Next time I’ll share why I changed my mind about taking vitamins.

16 thoughts on “Welcome to Vitaminute

  1. Nice work, Ann — and what a great idea to offer discounts for people who stop by and make a comment! I think commenting on blogs is a great way to learn from each other and build community.

    Thanks for sharing your years of knowledge about healthy living. I’m going to sign up to receive an email whenever you post something new. I think your Vitaminute will help me make 2010 my healthiest year yet!

  2. Ann, I appreciate your witness not only to the goodness of nutrition, but also to your faith life. I hope you can impact some lives for both!


  3. Ann, your comment reflects exactly how you think and feel and is a wonderful testimony to your love for our Lord and Savior. Keep up the good work and I will keep my body benefited by your assistance.

  4. Timing is everything! I am excited about your new blog and doing good taking my daily packs. Hopefully I am on my way to a healthier 2010~

  5. Ann. Enjoyed reading your blog! Your comments make
    so much sense. It seems the older I get I’m
    more interested in living “healthy” in many ways!

  6. Hi Ann
    What a super idea!! This is a great way to get the word out along with the WORD. I will look forward to reading more. Blessings, Kay

  7. Ann,
    Great blog! I like the name.
    Thanks to for the comments about honoring God by taking care of ourselves – both physically and spiritually. We need this reminder often! Looking forward to your next update!

  8. Hi, Ann!

    Wow, so techy! Your own blog! I enjoyed reading what you said and I think it’s great that you are being bold in your statement of faith. I hope the Lord opens doors of conversation for you to share the Good News with others.

    Future testimonies from others would be great as well as you testimony and what got you so interested in vitamins.

    Have fun blogging!!


  9. I agree completely that “…our bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit.” I try in every way for myself & family to get rid of as many “unnatural” products that go in, on, & around our bodies. The hardest part is the higher cost for better products. Stores like Meijer’s have organic produce & natural products for reasonable prices which helps, but it does take a lot of homework :)! We love Shaklee products, but it’s come to a point where we can’t order their products every month–it cost too much. And, yet, we know the science that goes into every product. We know it’s good for our bodies b/c we can feel it. I also consult a book called “Nutritional Healing” which helps us heal & improve our bodies naturally–we love it!

  10. Ann,

    I enjoyed your blog and look forward to future postings! Thanks for all your help with making me and those around me more aware of how we can keep ourselves strong and healthy so we can glorify our Lord and also be a witness as you have been!


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