Want Healthier Kids?

It’s almost time; in less than a month children will be back in school.  The summer is going by fast and the school supplies are popping up in stores.  For Moms, and Dads too, the start of a new school year is a very busy and often stressful time.  Children need new clothes, shoes, school supplies, and a new schedule.  This new schedule might involve eating better, getting more sleep, spending more time reading books and less time on a computer. Another goal Moms and Dads might have for their children this new school year is staying healthy!

Here’s what happened to Michele I’s children with just a few simple changes using Shaklee supplements.  “Both my kids age 6 and 3 have been taking Shaklee nutrition for 3 years (Incredivites, Vita-C chewables, Cinch/Energizing protein, Cinch bars, Meal shakes, Performance, Defend and Resist with onset of cough or sniffles and Chewable Calcium on occasion.) They have not had to see the doctor for any reason, no antibiotics, no flu shots! This makes mom a VERY happy Shaklee consumer!”

Healthy Kids = Happy Moms and Dads!

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