Want a Stronger Healthier Heart?

Last time we talked about feeding our cells what our cells are made of.  Most of us want  healthy heart cells and healthy blood pressure, so is there a way to do this naturally?  Every cell in your body requires CoenzymeQ10 to create energy, especially the heart and brain.  This enzyme recycles and regenerates vitamin E and also prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol up to 80%.  CoQHeart(#20647) is Shaklee’s coenzyme Q10.

CoQHeart promotes a healthy heart and is essential for energy generation and
antioxidant protection. It’s important to know that CoQ10 levels decrease with age. In clinical studies, CoQ10 has compensated for immune deficiencies caused by aging or disease. CoQHeart combines the power of CoQ10 and Resveratrol (an anti-oxidant) for heart health. Shaklee’s CoQHeart is up to 500% more effective than any dry tablets on the market. Clinical studies show that CoQ10 improves some forms of heart disease and may protect against neurodegenerative diseases.
~ Helps prevent LDL cholesterol oxidation
~ Inhibits the release of histamine, a major aspect of allergies
~ Meets body’s daily usage with just one bioavailable capsule

What are some other benefits of taking CoQHeart?

~lowers blood pressure   ~protects heart and blood vessels   ~anti-aging effects   ~protects from cholesterol drugs and chemo therapy   ~prevention and treatment of congestive heart failure   ~helps with macular degeneration

What are the nutrition alerts that you might consider for taking CoQHeart?

~history of heart disease   ~smoker   ~angina   ~arryhythmia   ~peridontal disease   ~hyperthyroidism   ~low immune system   ~chronic fatigue syndrome   ~fibromyalgia   ~schizophrenia   ~alzheimer’s   ~mental decline   ~mitral valve prolapse   ~kidney failure

Have fun feeding your cells with good stuff and if you feel better let me know!

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