Try This If You Have Heart Disease, Hot Flashes, or Hemorrhoids

Quite the combination, right?   Each of these and more can be helped by vitamin E, which protects against cell damage.  So check the list below to see if your body may be sending you a message pleading, “More vitamin E, please.” 

  • cold hands and feet
  • hot flashes
  • heart trouble
  • psoriasis
  • slow to heal
  • restless legs
  • cystic breast disease
  • bedsores
  • burns
  • varicose veins
  • hemorrhoids
  • fertility problems
  • toxemia
  • emphysema
  • prostate problems      

The benefits of taking the antioxidant vitamin E have been shown to prevent heart disease by up to 75%, and the benefits go on: 

  • protects lungs from air pollution
  • aids in healing of burns, skin ulcers and reduces scarring
  • protects the cells from premature aging and supports brain health
  • reduces risk of colon, lung and prostate cancer
  • increases endurance
  • improves immune system
  • helps with Parkinson’s disease

 Shaklee’s Vita E Complex (#20112) is naturally sourced and also contains selenium and grape seed extract.  How can you tell if vitamin E is natural or synthetic? Look at the bottle:  If it says “d-alpha-tocopherol,” it’s natural; if it says “dl-alpha-tocopherol,” then it’s synthetic.   Synthetics (plastics) won’t feed your cells!     

By the way, if you have an extra “vitaminute” or minute for your health, check out the “about” tab above.  It’s filled in now thanks to the help and encouragement of Melanie, who is indeed a wordsmith and writer of Lifelines.  I keep taking baby steps in this blogging world!                        


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