Try this if you have asthma, bleeding gums, or nosebleeds

Perhaps you know someone with asthma, bleeding gums, or nosebleeds.  What might cause these challenges?  Or have you wondered why pollution, smoking and hard alcohol are hard on our bodies?  One reason for this is that they deplete vitamin C.  But did you know that illness, stress, fatigue, surgery, anxiety, and extremes in temperature also deplete vitamin C? 

Here are some signs you may need Vitamin C:

~bleeding gums, bruising easily     ~nosebleeds     ~varicose & spider veins     ~shortness of breath     ~allergies & asthma     ~swollen glands     ~anemia     ~polyps in colon     ~macular degeneration

Benefits of Vitamin C:

~helps the body absorb iron & calcium     ~natural antihistamine; helps allergies     ~powerful antioxidant     ~reduces risk of heart disease, cancer, cataracts     ~increases resistance to ligament & tendon injury     ~protects from radiation

Our bodies can neither produce nor store vitamin C.  The medical experts tell us that our bodies can lose all the vitamin C within 12 minutes of undergoing stress.  And they also say we are under stress 97% of the time.   Thus it is most helpful to get C in a sustained release tablet if we are not eating enough foods which contain C’s.  Vitamin C also helps support our immune systems by blocking the conversion of harmful nitrates found in foods today.  C’s are critical to the development of collagen, the glue that holds us together, especially the gums, teeth, and skin.  Thus, it is beneficial to have vitamin C working in our bodies and on our bodies.  That’s why Shaklee developed Enfuselle C+Epm Treatment, which increases skin firmness and resiliency in 28 days by 154%.  Finally, vitamin C increases capillary strength and supports connective tissue.  Although it took a while, I actually got rid of a patch of spider veins taking more vitamin C.

Fun Shaklee Difference fact:  Taking one Sustained Release Vitamin C is like eating 1 and 1/2 oranges every hour for 5 hours, with  clinical proof that it gets to your blood stream.

Citrus fruits, tomatoes, kiwi, and strawberries are all foods with vitamin C.  See what C’s will do for you!


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