The Fun of Feeding Your Cells

As you probably guessed, I did not ask for money back.   Why?  I felt better!  Not overnight of course, but gradually the headaches and the allergies subsided, the leg cramps were gone, and most of all, my energy level increased.  I could hardly believe it.  My improvement caused Henry, my husband, to take notice.  At first he thought it was a fluke, but after months of a “happier Ann,” he decided not to be left behind.  He started on a simple supplement program (multi-vitamins and soy protein) and noticed almost instantly that he did not have the blood sugar crashes.  Why did we feel better?

The simple answer is–our cells were getting the tools they needed to multiply and divide properly.  Think for a moment about what our bodies are made of:  “Sugar and spice and everything nice”–not quite.  Each part of our bodies, each organ is made of trillions of cells.  These cells are continually being replaced, repaired, and renewed .  Did you know, we receive about 300,000,000 new cells per day?  Dr. Linus Pauling, MD, stated that “the nutritional microenvironment of our body cells is crucially important to our health, and deficiencies in this environment constitute a major cause of disease.”  Thus, one of the aspects of a healthy body is the healthy function of healthy cells.

How do we get healthy cells?  We must feed cells with good quality food and supplements!  What are cells made of?  Nutrients–vitamins, minerals, protein, phytonutrients, antioxidants, water, essential fally acids, and so on!  That’s why Henry and I began feeling better.  Our bodies could begin forming healthier cells because we were swallowing the nutrients to build a healthier body–food based, lyophilized, living enzyme, supplements!


16 thoughts on “The Fun of Feeding Your Cells

  1. Hi Ann!

    I’m really enjoying reading your VitaMinute blog. You’ve been really helpful to me through the years, and my health has improved because of it. Since I use both Energizing Soy and Vita Lea regularly, I would LOVE to take advantage of your special. Thanks so much for sharing your witness and your ideas for better health.


  2. Hi, Ann!
    It’s hard to pass up a good deal! I’d love to take advantage of your special offer! Good offers like these make it easier to stay healthy! Thanks for sharing your testimony!


  3. I’d love to take advantage of the vita lea offer, and have always wanted to try the soy or cinch… Thanks for all the good info Ann!

  4. I also can’t pass this up. We already use the VitaLea, but it’s been a long time since I’ve used the soy. Does it come in chocolate??? 🙂


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