Thank a Teacher This Week

This week and specifically today is for Teacher Appreciation.  Think back for a moment to all the teachers in your life: parents, grandparents, spouses, children, aunts and uncles, grade school, junior high, and high school teachers, college professors, siblings, friends, pastors, colleagues, authors, doctors and nurses, neighbors. The list could go on and on because if you’re like me, you are always learning something from someone!  And that is a good thing.  If we quit being open to learning new things, we shrivel up and our world becomes very small.

I often tell people that if someone had not taught me a new way of looking at how my body works–cells die off continually, new cells must have the “ingredients” to form correctly, and the “ingredients” cells need are vitamins, minerals and protein–well, I probably wouldn’t feel as good as I do today. Is it possible to feel better in your 60’s than your 30’s? I do.

So thanks to those of you who have taught me so much in so many areas of my life.  And I hope you are inspired to thank a teacher this week!

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