Is Cleaning Killing You?

Is cleaning killing you by giving you cancer, reducing sperm counts, causing lung, liver, and kidney damage, causing asthma, or disrupting hormones? Find out from this blog post from Shaklee’s Healthwise Blog. Dr. Jamie tells why it is so important to be careful about  “clean!”

Your health and the environment

Your health and the environment

You are committed to good health and have daily activities and routines you follow in order to support your health. On most days, you start your morning with a workout or a power walk, then make your high-protein smoothee, and take your supplements, and brush your teeth. Then, throughout the day, you try to make the right decisions about eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, wearing your sunscreen, and putting activity into your day.

All these small steps taken day in and day out lead to a stronger and healthier YOU!

To round out your daily health routine, I want to be sure you aren’t missing an important part of the health puzzle by being exposed to chemicals in your environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tracks more than 84,000 chemicals used in commerce.  These chemicals, have worked their way into our everyday lives. Now, no matter how clean you try to live, it is impossible to escape exposure from these chemicals that may put an amazingly heavy burden on our liver and other detoxification pathways in our bodies. Chemicals are found in the food we eat, clothes we wear, personal care products we use, and even the very products that we use to keep our homes clean and safe.

Take a look at the chemicals found in common household cleaners:

Name Found in Potentially harmful effects
Phthalates Solvents used to make fragrances Endocrine disrupters: Men with high levels of phthalates in their blood have reduced sperm counts.
Perchloroethylene (PERC) Dry-cleaning solution, spot removers, carpet cleaners The EPA classifies PERC as a possible carcinogen and has ordered a phase-out of the chemical by 2020.
Triclosan An antibacterial found in dishwashing detergents and hand soaps Leads to drug-resistant bacteria and is a possible hormone disrupter.
2-Butoxyethanol Mostly found in window cleaners, is responsible for the sweet smell General irritant when inhaled, at high levels can damage lungs, liver, and kidneys
Ammonia Found in many cleaning products When inhaled, it can irritate the lungs and potentially worsen asthma.
Chlorine Another ubiquitous chemical, found in toilet bowl cleaner, mildew removers, laundry products, and even tap water Chlorine is very reactive and irritates skin and lungs. It may disrupt the thyroid.

While it can be daunting to think that we are surrounded by so many chemicals, the good news is that there are fantastic natural choices that will do the job these chemicals do just as well without exposing you and your family to potentially harmful fumes, solvents, and toxins.

Be sure you only have safe, green cleaners under your sink and in your laundry. Choosing green cleaners means that you are doing the best for your health, the environment, and your family’s well-being!

What is your favorite green cleaning tip?

Be Well!

Top Tips for Healthy Travel

Welcome to Kendra Thornton

Check out travel expert Kendra on WGN and FOX news.
Last week Kendra sent me the following email–IMG_3050
“I came across your blog and really enjoyed reading some of your posts! I see that you are into living a balanced and healthy lifestyle! In honor of Nutrition Awareness Month I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a collaboration with me.”

Please enjoy the following Travel Tips from Kendra and myself. They are just in time for Spring Break Vacations!

My Top Tips and Recommendations for Healthy Travel by Kendra Thornton

Like many people, I’m always looking for ways to keep my family and myself as healthy and fit as possible. I’ve found that this can be particularly challenging when we go on vacation or take trips to visit family members. On the road, I can’t do my usual shopping and cooking so I have to be extra careful about how we eat. There’s also the question of staying active and getting in some exercise when we travel. Let me share a few of my favorite tricks for staying healthy on vacation.

Don’t let yourself get dehydrated when you’re off on some hike or visiting a tourist attraction. I’ve learned that it’s important to take bottles of water everywhere, whether we’re headed for the beach or wandering around a city. Our bodies lose energy quickly when we don’t get enough water, and this can happen even before we start feeling thirsty. That’s why I always stock water in the car or in everyone’s backpacks when we’re walking. When we stay at hotels I always make sure there are plenty of water bottles in the fridge.walking

I go to the gym regularly and I try to maintain this habit even when we’re on vacation. Many hotels provide fitness centers nowadays, so it only makes sense to choose such a hotel. A workout in the gym is a great way to start the day. It’s good to check out the hotel’s facilities online before booking your reservation. It’s something I did for our upcoming trip to Orlando. With so many hotels in Orlando it can be difficult to narrow your search down. Sites like Gogobot make it a little easier as you can read user reviews. Even if the hotel does have a gym, you want to make sure it’s a good one and that it has hours that are convenient for you.

Don’t let airport and airplane food ruin your healthy diet. Airports today actually offer many different choices if you look around. Aside from the usual junk food, you can often find healthy choices such as fresh fruit, salads, containers of plain yogurt without added sugar and packages of nuts and trail mix. Such healthy snacks help keep my whole family nourished while we’re waiting for our flight and even on the plane. It’s also possible to order special meals for the plane, though this has to be done when you book your reservation.

One of the best ways to get in plenty of exercise on vacation is to walk! Walking is natural enough when you’re traveling, but these days it can be tempting to choose lazier options such as shuttles, tour buses and other sedentary alternatives. Don’t miss the chance to exercise your legs and get some fresh air. Whether you’re at the airport or exploring the sites somewhere, try to walk as much as possible. You’ll not only be giving your body a workout, you’ll see more than you could while being driven around.

These are just a few ways that I manage to stay fit when traveling. The specific tricks I use vary depending on where I’m going and what’s available. If you’re creative about it, you’ll find that it’s almost always possible to make healthy choices on any trip!

Vacation Tips by Ann Schenkel              2009 pictures 082

After reading Kendra’s tips for traveling, I wondered if we had been on vacation together! Whether you travel by plane or train or car, it’s important to plan ahead if you want to stay healthy. We often travel by car, so it may be a bit easier to have water and healthy snacks available, but it does take a little planning.

WATER:  It is so important to stay hydrated; in fact, it’s my first request to my husband—“be sure we have enough water!” Because traveling is out of our normal routine, it is so easy to forget about drinking enough water while on road or at the airport, so be sure to plan ahead.

WALK, WALK, WALK: Take a break when changing planes or filling the car with gas to walk around a bit. I really enjoy getting off the expressways and walking through a new little town. It’s much easier to find fresh wholesome food in town rather than the fast food at the exits. It’s also an enriching experience to walk around town and meet local people and visit attractions. If traveling overseas, be sure to move your legs often and walk around where possible.

SLEEP: We are often so excited to “see the sites” or crash on the beach that we forget to sleep enough.  Remember, it’s vacation. . .so rest and refresh!

HEALTHY SNACKS:   (we use organic, non GMO products when available)  

Shaklee has made it so simple for us to stay healthy and make healthy choices while on vacation. We don’t leave home without a few supplements, snack bars, and shakes. These products have changed our lives so that I feel younger today at age 65 than I did at 40. My husband and I are signing up to run the Chicago Half Marathon—will we make it? I’m not sure, but it will be great to train for something that I never thought possible. Our goal is to finish in the 6 ½ hours allotted!

Perhaps you have heard of Shaklee, perhaps not. Check it out–for your health!

Thanks, Kendra, for this great idea of sharing healthy travel tips.

You can find Kendra here!



New Stuff

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