Skin Problems

This is sad and awkward to write about. Friday we were shopping at the mall in Grand Rapids. Henry’s birthday is coming and since he loves books so much I found two that I knew he would appreciate. At the checkout I swiped my credit card and then asked the clerk if she wanted to see it. “No thanks”, she responded, “you look like a nice person and not someone trying to get away with something.” Guess it’s good to not look like a criminal.

Now for the sadness and contrast which I felt this morning after reading an article from the New York Times about Charles Blow’s son.  Charles Blow is a writer for the Times.

SAMSUNG Did you read what happened to him? How sad that some parents have to prepare their children for a walk home from the college library or out in the general public. . . all because of how they look. Will some of these children in this picture need “training” because of how they look? I didn’t look like a criminal in public on Friday, but others did that day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this blog post were about Enfuselle, Shaklee’s product for healthy skin, which is what I was intending to write about this week. Although Enfuselle is great for the skin, it can’t handle this skin problem.

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Aging Too Fast?

  agingPerhaps you took a double take with your last look in the mirror, wondering if you are aging too fast.  Of course we are getting older, wiser, and better every day 🙂 but your skin may be craving some attention. Winter, along with dry inside air robs our skin of much needed nutrition. Enfuselle to the rescue!  Enfuselle means “feed the cell” and just like Shaklee supplements feed our cells throughout our body, Enfuselle gives our skin much needed nourishment. Enfuselle has helped many with severe skin problems too.

Shirley suffered with dermatitis for 5 years and although topical steroids helped, the condition would return if she stopped the meds. All skin care products gave her problems until. . . Enfuselle. Look what happened after only 3 weeks of use:

shirley before enfuselleshirley after enfuselle

Shirley’s story is a great example of how our skin can change if given the care it needs. If you are struggling with skin challenges, give Enfuselle a try. Both men and women have been helped with these products and as always there is a money back guarantee from Shaklee and a special this month and next, from me! Enjoy!

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