Which Foods Are Best to Buy Organic?

Are you wondering which foods contain the most pesticides? This helpful little guide should give you some assistance. Buying organic may cost a few pennies more but your kidneys and liver will thank you because they won’t have to work as hard trying to detoxify your body. This will give your cells a better opportunity to multiply and divide properly. I have found that if I eat less processed foods and fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, I feel better and have more energy. Try it. . .you’ll like it!food with pesticides

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3 Best Earth Day Tips For You and the Earth

This post is a combination Earth Day and Pinterest creation. Earlier this year I went with our granddaughter Megan to an orchid show at Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI. I took many pictures of orchids with the hope of using them on my Pinterest boards. Please read tip #2 carefully: Eat food that is grown organically and food that will spoil. I think this is vital for your well-being and the well-being of this beautiful world God has given us for our earthly home. Man has created the thousands of toxic chemicals that are now in our world and causing us so much harm. It’s time to clean up and restore.

We heard Sandra Steingraber speak on the PBS Bill Moyer show recently. Her passion for cleaning up our world for the sake of our children made so much sense. As a biologist and cancer survivor, she spoke with knowledge and conviction about her book Raising Elijah. (This link is to her blog.) She used a phrase “toxic trespassing,” to describe the unwanted toxins we are all exposed to in the air we breathe and the food we consume. Very thought provoking.

Earth Day Tips Earth Day 20% off special  through May 10 on safe, powerful, green, and smart cleaners: Get Clean Starter Kit. Check out this link for in depth info on these cleaners. One simple way to get the toxins out of your home and save lots of money.