Basic H2 Testimonies

Basic H2 is a powerful cleaner that is safe for you, your family, your pocketbook, the whole earth, and it works! Here are a few testimonies:

“I’m sitting at my table with the sun shine in and loving my sparkling clean windows thanks to basic H. I even had a customer comment on them yesterday!
I love having one product I can use on everything. Thank you for my first bottle! I will never go back to the dozens of other cleaning products:)
I knew it was economical but I had to try it to see what an amazing cleaner it is.
Thank you Ann.”

“When 16 oz. makes 48 gal. AND it works, well that’s good enuff for me.” Mar

“My girlfriend, who was a skeptic, tried the sample bottle of Basic H2 and has since then changed her mind and has given it her own name. She calls it ‘magic spray’. She uses it on everything, including the grime left on the back of her leather car seat from her sons tennis shoes. Everything else she tried didn’t get it off, but her ‘magic spray’ did! Get Clean cleaners and laundry products are a solution for so many things: your family, your wallet, and the environment. Every household should be using the Get Clean products. Every time someone purchases a Get Clean starter kit they do the equivalent of planting 10 trees, among other great things. Oxygen is good!”

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Is Cleaning Killing You?

Is cleaning killing you by giving you cancer, reducing sperm counts, causing lung, liver, and kidney damage, causing asthma, or disrupting hormones? Find out from this blog post from Shaklee’s Healthwise Blog. Dr. Jamie tells why it is so important to be careful about  “clean!”

Your health and the environment

Your health and the environment

You are committed to good health and have daily activities and routines you follow in order to support your health. On most days, you start your morning with a workout or a power walk, then make your high-protein smoothee, and take your supplements, and brush your teeth. Then, throughout the day, you try to make the right decisions about eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, wearing your sunscreen, and putting activity into your day.

All these small steps taken day in and day out lead to a stronger and healthier YOU!

To round out your daily health routine, I want to be sure you aren’t missing an important part of the health puzzle by being exposed to chemicals in your environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tracks more than 84,000 chemicals used in commerce.  These chemicals, have worked their way into our everyday lives. Now, no matter how clean you try to live, it is impossible to escape exposure from these chemicals that may put an amazingly heavy burden on our liver and other detoxification pathways in our bodies. Chemicals are found in the food we eat, clothes we wear, personal care products we use, and even the very products that we use to keep our homes clean and safe.

Take a look at the chemicals found in common household cleaners:

Name Found in Potentially harmful effects
Phthalates Solvents used to make fragrances Endocrine disrupters: Men with high levels of phthalates in their blood have reduced sperm counts.
Perchloroethylene (PERC) Dry-cleaning solution, spot removers, carpet cleaners The EPA classifies PERC as a possible carcinogen and has ordered a phase-out of the chemical by 2020.
Triclosan An antibacterial found in dishwashing detergents and hand soaps Leads to drug-resistant bacteria and is a possible hormone disrupter.
2-Butoxyethanol Mostly found in window cleaners, is responsible for the sweet smell General irritant when inhaled, at high levels can damage lungs, liver, and kidneys
Ammonia Found in many cleaning products When inhaled, it can irritate the lungs and potentially worsen asthma.
Chlorine Another ubiquitous chemical, found in toilet bowl cleaner, mildew removers, laundry products, and even tap water Chlorine is very reactive and irritates skin and lungs. It may disrupt the thyroid.

While it can be daunting to think that we are surrounded by so many chemicals, the good news is that there are fantastic natural choices that will do the job these chemicals do just as well without exposing you and your family to potentially harmful fumes, solvents, and toxins.

Be sure you only have safe, green cleaners under your sink and in your laundry. Choosing green cleaners means that you are doing the best for your health, the environment, and your family’s well-being!

What is your favorite green cleaning tip?

Be Well!

Vinegar vs Shaklee Basic H2

Sure, you care about getting the chemicals out of your home, and are trying to use more natural cleaners. Are you wondering what is safer, cheaper, and more effective?
Here’s a comparison using: Shaklee Basic H2 vs Vinegar. This was put together by Suni Ferrer, another Shaklee leader.

What would you rather buy: 24 gallons of vinegar ($40-$120) or just one 16oz bottle of Shaklee Basic H2 ($12)?

One of my friends asked me about using white distilled vinegar to clean her house versus Shaklee Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate. I was surprised to find that the cheapest vinegar one can buy costs at least 3 times as much as Shaklee Basic H2 for all-purpose cleaning. The savings are even greater when using for windows/mirrors cleaner. Also, vinegar may not be the best for some jobs as its acidity could eat away some finishes over time, especially wood. 

As far as price goes, since you dilute Basic H2 depending on the job, it’s really inexpensive. A 16oz bottle of Basic H2 costs members around $12 including 7% tax and shipping (when bundled with other products to save on shipping). For example, 

1) The windows/mirrors solution only uses 1-2 drops of H2 diluted in 16oz water, that costs less than a penny! 

2) The all-purpose solution only uses 1/4 tsp (25 drops) of H2 diluted in 16oz water, that only costs 3 cents! *** A gallon of it would use 2 tsp (200 drops) in 128oz water, that only costs 25 cents per gallon.

3) The degreaser solution only uses 1.5 tsp (150 drops) of H2 diluted in 16oz water, that only costs 20 cents! Shaklee’s Basic H2 is a degreaser and will cut through grease easily, even the grimiest grill.

For all-purpose cleaning with vinegar, as well as for cleaning glass, one would use 1 part vinegar to 1 part water, so 1 gallon of cleaning solution would use 64oz vinegar plus 64oz water. Each gallon-size jug of white vinegar ranges in cost from $1.65-$5 depending on brand. It would cost $0.80-$2.50 per gallon of diluted vinegar all-purpose cleaning solution (at 1:1 ratio), or 3-10 times the cost of making Shaklee Basic H2 all-purpose solution, which only costs 25 cents per gallon. For cleaning mirrors and glass the vinegar costs 80 times more than Basic H2 windows solution! One would need to buy and carry home 24 1-gallon jugs of White Distilled Vinegar (~$40-$120) to equal the cleaning power of just one 16oz bottle of concentrated Basic H2 (~$12)!!! Which would you rather buy and carry home?

I also found this interesting info:

“Vinegar and Water: This system has been used for years and some still stand by it’s use. However vinegar can be acidic for floor/furniture/cabinets finishes. Initially, you may not notice the effects, but used consistently over the years it will affect the shine of your floors and other surfaces. Additionally, using too much water in the actual application always results in problems or ruined wood floors.” 

Conclusion, Shaklee Basic-H2 is cheaper to use than vinegar AND safer to use, as it’s not going to ruin your surface finishes over time like vinegar could. And Basic H2 is unscented, which is a big plus for me. It’s a joy to clean my house with Shaklee!

Thanks, Suni; I agree. Cleaning my home with toxic cleaning products really made my allergies and headaches severe. Not any more with Shaklee’s Get Clean products!

The average family saves $200/year by switching to Shaklee Get Clean, while improving  their health.

How cleaning in one Basic H2 bottle?
1 bottle of Basic H2 equals the cleaning uses of 5,824 bottles of 26 oz. Windex®* 

1 bottle of Basic H2 equals the cleaning uses of 48 gallons of any all-purpose solution.

Email me if you would like a complete cost comparison for household cleaning, laundry, and kitchen products.

7 Simple Steps to Be “Greener”

Perhaps you think “going green” is expensive and complicated. After these 7 simple steps you may realize that it very economical and easy.  Maybe you are already doing them; if not, consider taking baby steps and do a new one each day of the week.

1.  If your town recycles, try to have as much or more recycling as garbage.  Why?  It’s a great way to stop filling the earth with garbage.  So much of the packaging we use can be put to good use again.  Reminds me of my 90 year old neighbor making quilts of old dresses.  Recycle, recycle, recycle.

2.  Change your lightbulbs to CFLs if you haven’t already.  Why?  CFLs use 80% less energy, last 10 times longer, and they also come in 3-way models, pleasant color temperatures, and flicker tip styles.

3.    Use non-toxic, natural household cleaning products.  Why?  To save yourself and to save the earth.  For example using Basic H2 for window cleaner alone has saved 2.7 billion 26 oz. bottles, which would wrap around the earth more than 18 times!

4.  Stop idling your car while waiting.  Why?  Idling more than 10 seconds wastes more gas than is needed for start-up.  Americans idle away 2.9 billion gallons of gas a year –worth about $78.2 billion.

5.    Limit paper.  Why?  Using less paper saves billions of pounds of waste and saves trees.   Simple changes:  switch from paper napkins to cloth napkins at dinner, and instead of cleaning with paper towels, use microfiber cleaning cloths.

6.  Use your own water bottle.  Why?  A year’s supply of your own filtered water would fill the equivalent of 2,400 plastic bottles and keep them from landfills.  The cost to you is only pennies.

7.  Walk or bike for entertainment.  Why?  You get the exercise and save on gasoline.

What are some other simple things you have done to be “greener”?

Yours for a Ridiculous Amount

Earth Day Special–20 cents for 3-16oz bottles of cleaners!  I just love these cleaners, all made with Basic H2.  If you haven’t tried them I would love to see if you love them too!  They will help you and the earth.  Have you ever wondered if you are adding more toxins to your home when you clean?  It’s hard to believe we could be contributing to chemical overload when doing the right thing by cleaning.  I used to get a dizzy headache and a sneezing spell every time I cleaned the house.  Here’s why:

1. chlorine bleach is the chemical most frequently involved in household poisonings in the U.S.

2. degreasers, which may contain petroleum distillates cause lung tissue damage and dissolve fatty tissue around nerve cells

3. glass cleaners, which often contain ammonia that irritates skin, eyes, and respiratory airwways

4. oven cleaners, which are the most dangerous cleaning products causing severe damage to eyes, skin, mouth, and throat

5. toilet bowl cleaners can also be harmful if inhaled and fatal if swallowed

Now, no more dizzy headaches and sneezing.  Basic H2 changed all that. If you have children or know others with headaches, asthma, sinus trouble, lethargy, or allergies please call.  Try my 20 cent special!  Just call or email and I’ll get it to you.

BASIC-H2                                                                     All Purpose Cleaner                               For cleaning all surfaces, walls, furniture, floors, dusting, interior, exterior, motor vehicles. No residue. No rinsing. Sticky countertops, kitchen appliances, dusty tables, chrome lighting fixtures, spilled juice, steering wheels, telephones, chandeliers. . .

BASIC-H2                                                                     Industrial Strength Cleaner                     For heavier cleaning, oily & light to medium degreasing on most surfaces, walls, floors, tile, concrete, spot removal, kitchen areas, exhaust hoods, motor vehicles, interior, exterior. No residue. No rinsing. Barbecue grill grunge, muddy doggie prints, adhesive residue, patio furniture, dusty ceiling fans, microwave mishaps. . .

BASIC-H2                                                                     Window & Glass Cleaner                        Excellent for interior & exterior applications.  Glass, mirrors, plexiglass. . .

BASIC H2                                                                                                                                         Cleaning Wipes                                     Basic H2 in a convenient and biodegradable wipe that leaves no residue. Use ready made or ask me for a recipe to make your own with strong paper towels.

You will be saving room in the landfills too, since one bottle of Basic H2 makes 380 bottles of all-purpose cleaner, or 8 gallons of industrial strength cleaner, or 5,800 bottles of window cleaner and best of all IT WORKS!

Professional Cleaning with Get Clean

Does Get Clean work?  It certainly does for professional cleaner Kelly Quinlan:


I have owned and operated a professional residential, commercial and new construction cleaning business for eleven years.  I have always been concerned about the safety of my employees, customers’ families and their pets.  But, not knowing any better, my first

year of business I was using commercial non-green products.  Every day when I came home from work I could barely breathe.  My sister, a nurse, told me that if I continued using toxic products I would be dead by 40.  This thought encouraged me to “go-green”.

The first green products I used came from California but were very expensive both to use and to ship.  About 2 years ago I was introduced to Shaklee and am very satisfied with the products for the following reasons:

1.             Get Clean products are more economical saving me 4000.00 annually.

2.             Get Clean products are more effective than any other commercially advertised products I have used including both green and non-green products.

3.             Scour Off works great on rust stains and spatters in microwaves.

4.             Get Clean products are safe on all surfaces including wood floors.  I use only 1 tsp. of Basic H2 in one gallon of water.

5.             Because they work better and faster, Shaklee products saves time (at least 15 minutes per house) so it saves my clients money too.

6.             Because of using Shaklee products I have not had to increase my prices to clients in over 3 years.

7.             Shaklee products are truly green.  Many other so-called green products still contain 1 to 5 toxic ingredients.

8.             Shaklee blue and green cleaning cloths are also amazing!

9.             I like the one stop shopping for supplies.  I never have to leave home to purchase and I receive orders promptly.

10.          If I have little cuts and scratches on my hands, other cleaners would burn, even vinegar burns, but Shaklee products do not burn and neither I nor my staff needs to wear rubber gloves.

I only use one non-Shaklee product and that is a stainless steel polish.  I definitely  recommend Shaklee Get Clean products for professionals and for households as well.


Kelly Custom Services, Kelly Quinlan

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