Amazing Grace

Monday afternoon and we were having a fun time painting our granddaughter’s bedroom, which was a really cool graduation gift from her parents. . . and then. . . the call. “Ann? This is your neighbor, Sandy. A very large tree limb has fallen on your home and we just wanted to let you know. Many of the neighbors heard it and were gathered in your back yard.” I knew if Sandy were calling me it was most likely quite serious. “Thanks for calling, and we will get there as quickly as we can.” This is what we came home to:fallen limbfallen limb

This is the left side of the house with the sunroom just to the right in this picture. The following picture shows how the tree did not land on the sunroom which is surrounded with windows. Not a window is broken. Amazing. There is a hole in the ridge of the roof along with a few patches of roofing tiles which are awaiting repair.


Neighbor Rick called the tree man from his church who arrived within 20 minutes of our arrival. Our son came with his chain saw to help us. Neighbors Carla and Shawn arrived to haul branches and wood. Amazing. By dark a lot of cleanup was finished. limb from inside

This is the view from inside before it was removed from the roof. The tree man said 10-12 feet of that limb weighs about a ton. Amazing: no cracked walls, no broken windows, no fallen pictures or plates from the walls. After checking in the attic our son, Henry said the precise spot on the ridge where it landed was the strongest.

And you may be wondering. . .the weather? Sunny calm day.tree We don’t know why it fell, of course, but look at the dark spots in this one stack. Josh the tree man said that many years ago the tree had been struck by lightening and this left it damaged. All we know is that God’s amazing grace spared us from severe damage and we were not home to hear the awful sound! Amazing!

Sometimes we forget how very little is in our control. Although I have thought about limbs falling on our home, this event just reinforced how God is gracious in his protection. With the help of family, neighbors, Josh and his son Josh from Watkin Tree Pro, we were indeed blessed. Feel free to share your amazing story of God’s protection.