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It’s hard to believe that so much has changed in our world since last week.  Lots of love, prayers, and support are being given to those affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear devastation in Japan.  If you know of someone specifically, please let me know and I will be sure to remember them, along with the 2 families of whom I’m already aware.

Today’s blog gives a solution to a much smaller challenge, but one that could have a great impact on your health.  Perhaps you remember my blog from June 4, 2010, Say “No” to GMO Food.  Genetically Modified Organisms are man-made foods, which are being linked to many health problems.  It pleases me to offer you Shaklee’s soy products, which are all NON-GMO and therefore safe for you to put in your body.  At the end of this post I asked if you had found other foods that are NON-GMO.  No response.  Well, here’s some good news!

There is a new line of NON-GMO foods at Meijer Supermarkets which is called Meijer Naturals™.  Each product states right on the package:  No GMOs, no Bioengineered Ingredients. On the side of the box of crackers it says, “Meijer Naturals™–minimally processed products with no bioengineered ingredients (GMOs); no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners; no artificial additives or preservatives; and no hydrogenated oils.  We’re pleased to offer you and your family this natural choice.  Hank and Doug Meijer”

So, if you are using items such as crackers, soups, spaghetti sauce, cookies, canned tomatoes, peanut butter, and even more, you might want to give this line of products a try.  We have found the taste and quality to be great.  Have you found any other NON-GMO products in the neighborhood?

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  1. Great to know Ann! Thank you! I always try to avoid high fructose corn syrup in products we buy, but never really knew how to avoid the GMO’s. It’s nice to see this in a companies belief and in their product.

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