Sneezy and Itchy? No Longer

FreshLauFree32ozBot_300_V3_lo_rezThanks Sal. I love this great testimony!

I purchased the same off-the-shelf laundry detergent for years. So often, though, I was sneezy and itchy, especially after putting freshly laundered sheets on my bed. A close friend suggested that I try Shaklee’s laundry detergent. Since I already used other Shaklee products, this was an easy switch for me. I was—and still am—thrilled with that decision! Shaklee laundry detergent not only gets my clothes cleaner than any other product I’ve used, it also smells clean and fresh; and I’m no longer sneezy and itchy! The fact that it’s good for the environment and economical is a bonus.


FreshLaundry_5.5_lo_rezClick on the pictures for more information on Shaklee’s liquid or powder Fresh Laundry and give it a try. Soon your sneezing and itching may be gone. Many children with asthma  have been helped by switching to Fresh Laundry.    Remember, if we are allergic to the laundry soap we are using, we are breathing it in all day and night. One simple brand change can make all the difference in our health. Go ahead. . .just click on the pictures and try it!

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