She Is Losing $150,000

This past weekend Henry and I met and heard from some amazing ordinary people who have taken a few simple steps to change their lives for the better.

~Amie, invested $150,000 in a Hallmark store, and now it’s in big trouble. She also owns a jump inflatable business, but finds it difficult to find people to “work it,” since the equipment weighs 400 pounds.  She went through pregnancy with extremely painful fibroids.  Now after using Shaklee supplements she has her health back.  She really “wants” a serious Shaklee business and is a hard worker.  Go Amie!

~Dr. Chaney recently asked a pharmaceutical salesman if he would be pleased if a drug had 12 patents and 12 clinical studies.  The salesman answered, “I’d be ecstatic!”  VIVX has 12 patents and 12 clinical studies.

~Bobbi lived with anxiety and depression for many years, hardly able to function while under the influence of so many medications.  She was introduced to Enfuselle skin care and chose to use it because Shaklee does not animal test. She loves animals and loves the looks of her face.  Bobbi’s passion for saving the ground water led her to the safe non-toxic laundry and cleaning products.  She loves saving the earth.  With the help of her doctors she began the process of withdrawal from medications and started feeding her cells with Shaklee’s high quality food supplements.  She is now a ‘new person” sharing her results with others.

~Michelle lost 80 pounds with Cinch and wears her “skinny jeans” everywhere.  Lost the fat, not the muscle.

What are you thinking about for 2011?  Better health, personal growth, hope for a brighter tomorrow?  Who do you know that might be thinking about a change?

2 thoughts on “She Is Losing $150,000

  1. Thanks for shariing these powerful stories! You never know who may find a solution to a real need because you’ve taken the time to get the word out. Keep it up!

    • Thanks, Jodi. We know there are real needs and I want to keep working to get the word out! Sometimes fear of what people will think of me takes over and I stop, but Shaklee products and business have helped us so much–what is there to fear? It’s my job to provide the information; it’s their job to decide what to do.

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