Remembering Changes in Life and Food

Sometimes changes in our lives are both sad and glad. During the night this past Monday, Henry’s 96-year-old mother passed away and is now at home with the Lord. She demonstrated amazing strength and quite good health through most of those 96 years, up until the last few months. But the suffering is over and now we think back on the memories. Throughout the last years’ visits we would engage her in conversation on topics such as:  what life was like when she was a little girl, the homes she lived in, the work she did as a young girl and life during her teenage years. We also discussed the farm, the food, the fun. Remember. . .96 years ago transportation was by horse and buggy, roads were dirt, and most communication was face to face. She lived through a life of changes!

For the most part, food 96 years ago was grown and preserved right on one’s own farm.  Gradually, companies like Campbell’s Soup, which started in Chicago in 1929, moved workers from the farm to the factory. Mother worked at Campbell’s Soup as a young woman.  However, most of the food they ate was fresh and grown locally, such as spinach, beets, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, celery, and fresh chickens and turkeys. They were not at all concerned about preservatives and chemicals. Fertilizer was natural. why_supplement_01l

Most of what is in our grocery stores did not even exist when Mother was a child. And remember, food is what people ate for thousands of years. Today we process, preserve, color, emulsify, sweeten, chemically fertilize, thicken, wax, add growth hormones and antibiotics, besides adding pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. And sometimes “food” manufacturers actually “create” food.

Would you agree that by doing all of this to our food, we end up with less than the food God has created? Would you agree that this new “food” is not feeding our cells like real food should? And could this be the reason our bodies struggle with so many health issues that are not infectious diseases, but rather they are falling apart from within? Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and auto immune diseases?

As Mother told us recently, “I have had a good life.” We will all die some day and we hope the quality of our lives will be as healthy as possible. Does it make sense to give your body a little help with some real food supplements?

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