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Does Get Clean work?  It certainly does for professional cleaner Kelly Quinlan:


I have owned and operated a professional residential, commercial and new construction cleaning business for eleven years.  I have always been concerned about the safety of my employees, customers’ families and their pets.  But, not knowing any better, my first

year of business I was using commercial non-green products.  Every day when I came home from work I could barely breathe.  My sister, a nurse, told me that if I continued using toxic products I would be dead by 40.  This thought encouraged me to “go-green”.

The first green products I used came from California but were very expensive both to use and to ship.  About 2 years ago I was introduced to Shaklee and am very satisfied with the products for the following reasons:

1.             Get Clean products are more economical saving me 4000.00 annually.

2.             Get Clean products are more effective than any other commercially advertised products I have used including both green and non-green products.

3.             Scour Off works great on rust stains and spatters in microwaves.

4.             Get Clean products are safe on all surfaces including wood floors.  I use only 1 tsp. of Basic H2 in one gallon of water.

5.             Because they work better and faster, Shaklee products saves time (at least 15 minutes per house) so it saves my clients money too.

6.             Because of using Shaklee products I have not had to increase my prices to clients in over 3 years.

7.             Shaklee products are truly green.  Many other so-called green products still contain 1 to 5 toxic ingredients.

8.             Shaklee blue and green cleaning cloths are also amazing!

9.             I like the one stop shopping for supplies.  I never have to leave home to purchase and I receive orders promptly.

10.          If I have little cuts and scratches on my hands, other cleaners would burn, even vinegar burns, but Shaklee products do not burn and neither I nor my staff needs to wear rubber gloves.

I only use one non-Shaklee product and that is a stainless steel polish.  I definitely  recommend Shaklee Get Clean products for professionals and for households as well.


Kelly Custom Services, Kelly Quinlan

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