Nearly 2 years ago I stepped out of my comfort zone and started blogging. My goal hasIf-you-dont-like-how been to offer timely thoughts and information on the topics of health, which could be digested in a minute or less. These past couple of weeks I have been working on entering the world of Pinterest; another step out of my comfort zone.  If you go to a Pinterest account of a friend you will see pictures–it’s all about pictures–of various topics of interest to them organized in “boards,” such as Christmas ideas, decorating ideas, gardens, recipes, or fun for kids. The idea is to put pictures of things of interest to you and if others like them, they may “pin” them to their boards and “follow” them on Pinterest. Like-minded people follow others with similar interests. Recently Pinterest opened their activity to businesses.

As you might guess, my goal in opening a Pinterest account for my business is to share in a visual way healthy topics and products, thus offering you a visual health education for your needs and what has helped others to live a healthier life. This has been lots of fun to figure out and pull together and I would be pleased if you would “follow me.”  Just click the link “Follow me on Pinterest” which is on the right sidebar, or I hope the link in the highlighted word works too. Along with physical health, I have also included  a board on spiritual health (life just doesn’t work without this) and emotional health. Of course, I appreciate your suggestions and input! Be patient since I’m still learning how to use this system, but there are so many cool things that I can show you with pictures and a few words. Sometimes it’s really hard to believe how much technology has changed our way of communicating. Just remember, I still love having you at my kitchen table for a cup of tea or coffee. . . anytime! I’ll light the candle!

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  1. Congratulations on your new Pinterest venture, Ann! You are off to a good start, and it looks like you are using this new medium to share things in a new way, “with pictures and a few words.” Well done!

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