Organizing–the closets, the drawers, the kitchen cupboards, the basement, the emails, and now the blog posts!  Are you at times overwhelmed with the levels of organization that are needed for our lives?  I certainly am.  Hopefully if you are interested in knowing which vitamins “do what” in your body, this little bit of organizing will help you.  Just click on the link to read previous posts on these supplements and how they work or have helped those who take them.

VitaLea Multivitamin

B Complex

Vitamin C

Vitamin DVitamin D and Children

Vitamin E

Joint Health Complex

Optiflora Pre/Probiotic

Cholesterol Regulation Complex


Vitalizer: essential nutrients in a convenient daily strip,  Vitalizer Video

Non GMO Foods-Problem    Non GMO Foods-Solution

Hope this helps you locate information more easily.  Be sure to let me know if you want more info on any of these topics.  I like to keep it short and sweet but just know we have access to lots of info.  If you know of Health Care Professionals who are interested in helping their patients with nutrition, Shaklee has a website dedicated specifically for them. I’m happy to pass that information to you.  Enjoy feeding your cells with supplements that are proven to get to your bloodstream.

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