Need a Little Energy?

Are you looking for a little safe energy after hard work, exercise or a long run?  Maybe an “energy chew” is the answer.  Liz writes:

“Hi, I just wanted to share my new found appreciation for the Shaklee Energy Chews.  I had a long run to do today, and was completely out of chews.  I decided to just get some energy blocks from the drug store.

I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal.  Well it was a huge mistake!  Shaklee chews give me more consistent energy and the drug store energy blocks made me feel like I was on a sugar high and would quickly crash.  The worst part was after I finished my run; I felt horrible.  Normally I feel fatigued, but after I drink my post run Cinch shake, I feel fine.

My fatigue was much more intense and I had the worst upset stomach.  I seriously thought I was going to puke!  It ended up taking my body almost three hours to fully recover.  I did some research and found that the upset stomach is common after long runs and it’s due to all of the added sugar that is in most energy chews and energy ‘gu’.

Shaklee chews have no added sugar!  I definitely learned my lesson, I will have plenty Shaklee Energy Chews from now on!”  Liz Baldwin

Just a little update–my Mom is happily settled in her new home and her old place is nearly emptied.  After her exercise class yesterday, she painted a dog; it’s so great to have her involved.  Wish I had remembered to take some energy chews for the busyness of the last 2 weeks; she might need some too!

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