My Sister Kathryn

Since many of you know my sister, Kathryn, and since I have spoken to many of you about her surgery and the aftermath, here is a little update.  Kath went to the hospital on June 30 for double knee replacement.  After a successful surgery she briefly awoke and then fell into a coma like state; one doctor used the word “obtunded.”  She could not be wakened.  One doctor’s prognosis was very grim and another was more hopeful, saying he thought she would wake up but did not know when.  The MRI scan showed extensive brain damage.   On the sixth day after surgery she opened her eyes (still glassy) for short periods of time; on the seventh day she spoke a few words; on the eighth day she continued these very small movements, but was not completely awake.

And then on the 9th day following surgery, Kathryn, who is so greatly loved and respected by everyone who knows her– woke up!  She recognized people; she started to remember why she was in the hospital and is beginning to grasp the full extent of what has happened to her.  She participates in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.  With some difficult rehab, and the loving support of her family, friends, church family, along with countless prayers from around the country, the doctors now speak of a full recovery.

Do miracles still happen?  We are witnesses.  To God be the Glory!

7 thoughts on “My Sister Kathryn

  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful update, Ann. Thankful for answered prayer and mighty miracles that only our God makes possible.

    • I’m so excited after just speaking with Kath. She has no memory about what happened to her the first 9 days. She is beginning to piece events about the surgery together and her voice although shaky, perhaps due to the tubes in her throat, is gaining strength. The therapy on her legs is very painful, but I am so grateful that she feels the pain, since she did not react to the needle pokes in her arms when I was with her. What a blessing to hear my sister’s voice and hear about the progress she is making!

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