Mind Work? Try Mindworks™

The Shaklee MindWorks™ Offer until January 31:

New people joining with the purchase of one bottle of MindWorks™ receive free MindWorks_22066_FreeShipping2membership.New people joining with the purchase of two bottles of MindWorks™ receive free membership and free shipping (up to $9).

Existing Members, Distributors and Associates purchasing two bottles of MindWorks™ receive free shipping (up to $9).

Why Mindworks™?from Rachel, a young mom, “After two months of taking Shaklee MindWorks™ I rarely get migraines, and the ones I have gotten are due to other factors. I have increased mental awareness, and feel much less tired, mentally. I am able to compartmentalize my crazy busy life and keep track of things way easier. Now my only question is, where was this when I was in college?!”


from Mary Ellen, “After one day, I noticed a decided difference in my mental stamina.  MindWorks™ improved my mind’s focus and because of that I lost the physical tiredness in the afternoon.  Age, 86” 

from Mary, “I started MindWorks™ and within 3 days, I felt as though I had just come out of a very dense cloud bank.  It’s great to be able to think clearly again after a very long time.“ 

from Toni, “I’ve been taking MindWorks™ since it came out! I can’t believe how much this stuff has calmed my brain! I used to be bombarded with thoughts as I tried to focus on a project. It has really quieted things down in my head so that I can work so much easier!” 

Do you need Mindworks™? Does your mind work? Take this quiz.
___Do you have a hard time focusing at school or at work?

___Do you jump from one thing to another when you have several things to do?

___Do you have trouble retrieving words from your mind?

___Do you have trouble staying focused when attending a lengthy meeting?

___Do you lose focus and forget what you were going to say when talking?

___Do you have trouble remembering names?

___Do you sometimes walk into a room and forget why you came into the room?

___Do you forget where you put your keys?

___Do you have trouble with recall? Remembering things you used to know?

___Do you have brain fog?

___Do you have trouble recalling things quickly?

___Do you often have to re-read things multiple times to comprehend what you’re reading?

___Do you find it difficult to explain or summarize presentations, conversations, or readings?

___Do you find it difficult evaluating a situation or processing information which requires a response, a decision, a  move to take action?

___Do you find it frustrating to follow multiple page instructions for electronics, furniture assembly, appliances, home repairs or toys?

___Do you have a hard time organizing your thoughts?

___Do you have trouble paying attention?

___Do you forget appointments?

After using Shaklee MindWorks™, re-visit this list and see where you have made improvements. There may be other areas not mentioned that you will realize notable changes, as well.

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