London 2012: Shaklee Pure Performance Team and You

The London Olympics are coming soon and Shaklee is committed to a group of hand-picked elite world class athletes called the Shaklee Pure Performance Team. Eli Bremer, 2008 Beijing pentathlete, leads the team.

Each athlete understands the importance of premium quality nutrition when competing at such a high level. Why did Shaklee hand pick these athletes?

“Our goal with the Shaklee Pure Performance Team is simple. We aren’t trying to make the superstars of sport richer through lucrative sponsorship deals, but rather to put premium nutritional products in the hands of those who believe in, and have come to rely on, their benefits—across both the popular and some of the more obscure, but equally competitive, sports that make up today’s modern Games.”

Take a peak at the athletes:  Shaklee Videos: Pure Performance.

And so, you may not be competing in the Olympics this year, but you may be headed out for a run, swim, bike, or walk. And when you do–just know you can trust your body to these quality products before (Energy Chews), during (Performance), and after (Physique)  your workout!

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