It’s Over

It’s over; the first 100 years of Shaklee–over!

It’s beginning, the next 100 years of Shaklee–begins!

What happened at the 100 Year Global Conference? Stories about:  moms, dads, children, a nobel prize winner, an astronaut, 3 olympians, but mostly everyday people like you and me who were willing to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others. And of course. . .new products and new technology. We heard from:

~ many worn out moms and dads before Shaklee nutrition

~ many sick children who improved greatly with a couple of simple changes

~ about a nobel prize winner who discovered that longer telomeres help us live longer and thattelomere2 people who have taken Shaklee have telomeres at age 81 the same as most 41 year olds.

~ Olympians who depend on Shaklee products for strength, endurance, and great nutrition without worry about the inevitable drug testing.

~ couples and singles whose lives were totally changed because of Shaklee. . .now out of debt and out of the Dr. office.

Next time I’ll share more about the NEW products and technology. Just a hint. . .The Shaklee Life Plan is the best most comprehensive nutrition system in the world. And we can legally say that!

Watch the following 2 short videos where Harper and Maggie share their passion for their Shaklee Businesses! Enjoy!

Harper–Why I Share Shaklee

Maggie’s Shaklee Effect   mother of 8

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