It Is Finished


How many times in our lives can we say we are really finished? As a wife, mom, grandma, friend, and even a Shaklee Business Leader, I am never totally finished. There is always more that could be done.

But not so with Jesus. He finished his work. While hanging on the cross on Good Friday, Jesus announced: “It is finished.” He finished the work that he came to do. What did he come to do? He came to make us right with God. Only a perfect substitute could do that. Believe that He chose to die on that cross for you and trust in Him. He knows you and loves you. . .believe him. There is no more that needs to be done; he did it all.

While there are many things that I am not finished with, my assurance that Jesus died for me is finished. Thanks be to God for a Risen Savior who finished his work!


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