Is Monday Still Wash Day?

Coming home from college to do her laundry, Celeste took in a deep breath of the just washed clothes. “O Mom, I just love the good smell of my clothes when I come home and use Shaklee. It smells like home.”
That is one great benefit of using Shaklee’s Get Clean laundry detergent. Another one of my client’s had a skin rash and doctored for 3 years. She used many different creams and lotions along with many prescriptions. She tried different laundry soaps. Nothing worked. Until she used Shaklee and finally the rash disappeared. If you know anyone, young or old, who suffers from cancer, allergies, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, or emphysema, please suggest the Get Clean Laundry products.

Fresh Laundry Concentrate (liquid)
HE Compatible #00066 32fl.oz. 32 loads MN $12.95
HE Compatible #00114 64fl.oz. 64 loads MN $25.10
HE Fragrance Free #00300 32fl.oz. 32 loads MN $12.95

Fresh Laundry Concentrate (powder)
#00159 5.5lb. box washes 88 loads MN $18.10
Fragrance Free #00161 5.5lb. box washes 88 loads MN $18.10

Nature Bright Laundry Booster and Stain Remover
#00305 MN $9.30

Soft Fabric Concentrate
#00075 32fl.oz. softens 64 loads or more MN $8.80
Dryer Sheets #00306 80 sheets MN $8.65

Remember if you have never tried these products, there is a money back guarantee. If you don’t just love these healthy, safe, very effective, and concentrated laundry products, you will get your money back. I’d love to send you a sample of “Soak the Impossible.” It combines Fresh Laundry Concentrate and Nature Bright. If you have a stain that you have tried to get out and can’t, give this a try. Let me know by responding to this blog. And don’t forget about the April Special on the Get Clean Starter Kit.

And yes, Monday is often wash day for me, how about you?

12 thoughts on “Is Monday Still Wash Day?

  1. !!!! You know that I love the Shaklee laundry products–and this was just fun for me to read! Monday is definitely not laundry day for me although I certainly have childhood memories of my mom doing wash on Mondays.

    • I remember my Mom and my Grandma doing the laundry on Mondays too. How about ironing on Tuesdays? Special thanks to Celeste for her happiness about the laundry and your permission to share it!

    • You are right about spraying a few shots, Melanie, but it is with the Soft Fabric Concentrate, not the Basic H2, although that wouldn’t hurt. Just mix the Soft Fabric Concentrate with water in a spray bottle. (1/3 conc. and 2/3 water) It lasts a long time and is very economical! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Hi Ann,
    This is the first time I’ve read your blog. Enjoyed it! I’ve used all the laundry products too as a few of my kids always had some kind of rash. No more! I like the fact that I’m helping the evnvironment too.

  3. I love the Nature Bright and wouldn’t be without a bag at the ready! I can’t recall a time that after soaking an item of clothing with a stain in Nature Bright and the liquid detergent that it didn’t come out! It’s the best! I wish I had known about it when my boys were babies and they stained their clothes. I’ll be ordering more on my next order. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Remember the white linen tablecloth I bought at a garage sale in the neighborhood when we were neighbors? It was full of stains and my first test for Shaklee laundry. It worked! And I still love using that tablecloth. Thanks for sharing, Deb. Soon (ha,ha) you will have grandbabies with stained clothes!

  4. I love the liquid L for stains and I always use the laundry powder, but I have not had the Nature Bright for a while now. I will keep it in mind for next time.

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