I Love Chips

lays-classic2Most of you who know me well, know that I love potato chips. Yes, I know they are not good for me and yet I still eat them. The best way for me to stop eating them is to not buy them. Now days I buy them just once in a while. Can anyone identify with this process of justifying some food that you know does not really feed cells but tastes so good?

Another thing, chips are quite expensive even though they are not good for me. If not on sale, my favorite ones cost $4.29; on sale they might be 2/$5.00. That’s a deal but then I have too many to resist!

Some people say Shaklee vitamins are expensive. That depends on what you compare them to.  So here’s the daily cost of a few Shaklee vitamins:

2 Vita Lea       .34/day   

1 B-Complex  .17/day   

1 Vita C          .12/day   

1 Vita E          .29/day    (click on the pictures to find out more)

 20216VitaLeaWOIron2    20194BComplex2

20095vita c2

20112vita e2This simple program costs $.92 a day. 92 cents! 2 Vita Lea is just 34 cents and this is a great place to start if you are not taking vitamins! So here is something good for me, something good for you . . . every day.For less than a dollar a day cells are being fed with great nutrients to go along with our healthier eating choices. Shaklee supplements fill in the gaps when we know we are not eating correctly and not sure how many nutrients are in our good food. It’s a dream of mine to have everyone taking Vita Lea!  

And if you are interested in more protection, including omega 3s, antioxidants, and probiotics, you can get it for less than $2.64/day with Vitalizer. Not too bad compared to the bag of chips and other not so good stuff I am trying to avoid! Here’s one more cost comparison with Shaklee Vitalizer and equivalent quantities of synthetic vitamins from Walgreens and GNC:

Shaklee’s Vitalizer 30 Day Supply

Muti Vitamin, Omega Fish Oil, Vitamin’s A, B, C, D, and E. Plus Pro Biotic.

TOTAL: $79.25 / Autoship $71.32

Walgreens – 30 Day Supply

Centrum Performance Muti: $11.99 X 4 MegaRed Omega Fish Oil: $29.00 X 2 Naturemade Pro Biotic: $11.49 X 1 (quantities to get the equivalent of Vitalizer)

TOTAL: $119.43        SAVE $48.11 with Vitalizer!

GNC – 30 Day Supply

Ultramega Muti Vitamin: $39.99 X 1 Triple Strength Fish Oil: $38.99 X 1 Ultra Pro Biotic: $39.99 X 1

TOTAL: $118.97     SAVE $47.65 with Vitalizer!

Do you think what you are eating impacts how you are feeling? If spending less than a dollar/day gave you more energy, healthier cells, and possibly protected you from serious health issues, would Shaklee supplements be expensive?  So what about you? What do you eat that you realize is not good for you? What changes are you making for prevention?

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