Henry’s Blood Pressure and No Wheat

We are so excited! For the last couple of years husband Henry’s blood pressure has been too high. He “tried to” watch his diet and took Shaklee supplements but it just wasn’t coming down fast enough. He wanted to avoid medication since that has its own side effects which lead to other problems.

51Z83dLKJPL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_SX240_SY320_CR,0,0,240,320_SH20_OU01_In January of this year he read the book Wheat Belly by William Davis which talks about the changes in wheat production in the past 60 years. Interestingly enough, Dr. Shaklee started Shaklee Corporation because he knew 57 years ago that the health of Americans would suffer greatly because wheat production was changing. Davis is convinced that today’s nutritionally devoid grain “causes blood sugar to spike more rapidly than eating pure table sugar and has addictive properties that cause us to ride a roller coaster of hunger, overeating, and fatigue.”

The information was convincing enough that Henry started on no wheat, along with extra supplements. His meals did not include the gluten free products on the present market,Europe 2010 218 because gluten free is made with corn starch, rice starch, or potato starch. Davis states that these starches increase the glucose-insulin response even more than wheat and also cause weight gain. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner without wheat or sugar is not easy if you think about how much of our American food is based on wheat and sugar. But he did it with only a few “cheats.”  The first week of February his blood pressure was 157/97. But yesterday it was 120/93. Along with this good news, he feels better and has lost 20 pounds. Go Henry!

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