Help Your Child Have the Best School Year Ever

All of us want  the best for our children and it’s difficult raising them in a fast food, pop tart, texting generation.  30 years ago when I started making cookies with stone ground wheat flour and honey, the kids started asking for Grandma’s cookies.   What’s a parent to do to help their children have their best school year ever?  I was trying with those cookies!  Sometimes we forget that the simple things often have the greatest impact:

1.  Read.  Read.  Read.  Remember to read to your children.  I know a Mom who still reads to her high achieving high school daughter.  I wish I had done more of it; I don’t know of anyone who says they read to them too much!

2.  Sleep.  Seems easy enough, but in reality–10pm here, 9pm there–it starts to add up.  I remember children falling asleep at their desks because they went to bed too late.  Enough sleep makes a difference–for Moms and Dads too.

3.   Play.  Children put in long days at school and work very hard.  Some fresh air and outdoor play instead of sitting around indoors helps both their bodies and minds.

4.  Eat. . . what God makes.  Here’s a really simple idea–if God made it for us to enjoy, then eat it.  Are you up for a challenge?  Look at the ingredient list on the food you want to purchase–if there are more than 6 items listed, then choose something else.  Michael Pollan in Food Rules has some great simple ideas which I want to incorporate.  Anyone else up for the challenge?  Let me know if you and your kids can do it!  Wouldn’t your children have fun helping you get groceries?

5.  Supplement.  Why?

~studies show that kids with inadequate nutrients perform poorly in school

~poor nutrition negatively impacts a child’s immune system, bone growth, and overall development

~in a recent study, 55% of children had low levels of Vitamin D

~lactoferrin (what’s that? an immune building protein) activates the immune system and suppresses growth of bad bacteria in the  intestines

~omega 3s improve attention, behavior, impulsivity, dyslexia, vocabulary, concentration, depression

Where do you find lactoferrin?  Shaklee Kids Incredivites™ is the first children’s multi to have it.  Mighty Smart ™ has the omega 3s and your children will love them.   Order both this month and receive $5.

One more thing, a bit off topic, but if you or anyone you know wants an answer for bedwetting, I’d be happy to send a simple solution which has helped other children.  Have a great school year!  Please share some ideas how you help your children do well.  Thanks.

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