Here’s some good news from Gail for your stomach/digestion issues:

Dear Ann,   (2/3/11)
After Christmas I got a bad case of Heart Burn. I quit the vitamins and ended up taking Previcid. I’ve been taking that everyday. I still can feel the heart burn a little and have really been watching what I eat. I went to the doctor the other day and he increased the dosage of Previcid. Now I feel like I have bladder infection. Well, everything must be out of whack. So, I’m thinking that there was something to take from Shaklee for the stomach.  What are your thoughts?  Gail

I researched some info and suggested 3/4 products–start with Optiflora, then EZGest, then Energizing Soy, and finally Vitalizer.  Gail tried the products and found relief.
Dear Ann,   (3/23/11)
The Optiflora is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It worked from day 1. It was much better than Previcid. It was such a relief, because I was miserable!!!!!!!  And because I never had this before, I didn’t know what to do! Yesterday, I started adding some Energizing Soy Protein. I wondered when to start the Vitalizer Gold.  I should call you. All week we are going out to eat for different reasons and I have looked up against it, but so far so good!  Gail

Why is Optiflora  (#80638) so great?

Benefits of the Optiflora from Dr. Bruce Miller
1. Vitamin Production: It is capable of producing vitamins such as B-complex (niacin,
pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, B6, B12 and folic acid)
2. Lactose intolerance: Deficiency of the enzyme lactase results in the ineffecient
digestion of lactose (milk sugar). This condition is called loactose intolerance.
Acidophilus produces lactase which aids
lactose digestion.
3. Food Digestion: it produces enzymes which help digest food
4. Reduces Cholesterol. It possesses anti-cholesteremic and anti-lipidemic factors.
Several studies show significant reduction of serum cholesterol levels after
supplementation w/ acidophilus.
5. Prevents Bad Breath: Colonization of putrefying bacteria in large numbers in the
throat tongue, and mouth causes bad breath (halitosis). When these putrefying bacteria
dominate the intestine, they produce objectionable gases with resultant uncomfortable
bloating. Acidophilus keeps the putrefying bacteria in check, thus preventing bad breath
and bloating.
6. Natural Antibiotic. It is known to produce acidophilin, a natural antibiotic. Acidophilin
has been shown to possess (in vitro) a wide range of antimicrobial activity against many
foodborne pathogens. Over 20 pathogens have been shown to be inhibited by
7. Antiviral Effects. L. acidophilus can inactivate different viruses.
8. Inhibition of Candida Albicans: Inhibition of yeast infection is possible with
supplementation of acidophilus and this has been confirmed with many clinical and
University studies.
9. (Last one) Anticarcinogenic Effects. Studies at Sloan-Kettering Inst. for Cancer
Research and University of Nebraska show that acidophilus possesses great potential
as an antitumor agent.

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