Another year almost gone by, and for Henry and I it has been eventful– some good things, some very sad things.  Good things: spending time with each other, our Moms, our kids and grandchildren, our extended family, especially the recovery of my sister, and sharing life with friends.  Sad things:  losing my Mom (Henry’s Mom is still doing well at age 95!) and losing a dear neighbor/ friend.  Death came as a shock in both cases.

We have heard it said many times that Health is the greatest Wealth.  This year it really hit us that those words are so true.  Our health affects our physical enjoyment, our mental outlook, and our spiritual life. When we don’t feel well, it is difficult to “do”  the physical demands of a day; it’s also challenging to stay positive and be grateful to God for each new day.

Many of you reading this blog have enjoyed better health by making a few simple changes in your lifestyle: better food choices, more exercise, some food based supplements.  Call a friend or relative, share  a little health/wealth with them. Then go to this website and have them become a member in our Shaklee family under your name.  Then watch your mailbox for a $20 check. Offer will be good for the rest of December and January 2012.  If they have a $100 order by the end of December 29, they will receive a free VIVIX.

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