Have Energy to Keep up with the Grandkids

If you are middle age or know someone who is, would having more energy than you did in your 30’s be important? Not feeling well in my 30’s started me on the path of better health with just a few simple changes.  Was I skeptical that nutrition and exercise would help? Yes.  Did I really think taking more charge of my own health would really result in feeling better? Maybe.  The fact that our bodies are made of trillions of cells and our cells are made of vitamins, minerals, pure water, and protein–and yes, I know it is more complicated than that–but. . . if we give our bodies the tools to build healthier cells, we will most likely be healthier.   So I tried it.  My body changed and many of you have experienced the same result, with Shaklee’s safe pure, potent products and it takes less than a minute to swallow them!

More energy and vitality is available in this simple daily strip which contains a guaranteed supply of nutrients: Vitalizer.  Be sure to watch the video too after clicking on the link.  Remember that membership is FREE with a Vitalizer purchase, so if you need a great Christmas gift idea, consider more energy for those you love.

Great keeping up with grandkids

2 thoughts on “Have Energy to Keep up with the Grandkids

  1. Yes Ann, I am so grateful to be able to have to good health, energy and flexibility with my schedule to have my 2 young granddaughters stay with us a few times a week….what a blessing! Thanks to Shaklee!

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