Happy. . .New. . .Year

Happy. . . New. . .Year. . . we often say these words today and for a few days ahead. Happy--New--YearWhat do we mean? Of course, we hope the person we say them to will have a good 2014, and that he or she will be happy. But we also know that this is unlikely. I’d like to suggest that we are really wishing something else.

Happy. . .think of all the things we do in the name of happiness: spend money, go on vacations, eat food at lovely or not so lovely restaurants, entertain others, go to sports events or concerts, cut off relationships, win an argument, or read a book. I even heard one man say it was okay for him to get a divorce because God wanted him to be happy. Perhaps all of us have found happiness in most of these things at one time or another. And yet, do you know anyone who is happy all the time? I don’t. In a message by Gary Thomas, he proposes that God does not necessarily want us to be happy all the time, although true peace and joy come from knowing Christ, but God wants us to be holy. Check out more about Gary Thomas here.  So my wish for you is to have a Holy New Year!

New. . .a new year to start fresh again. Have you made some new year’s resolutions yet? Have you completed last year’s? Do you even remember what they were? I’ll share just one of mine which I found on Shaklee’s Health Wise blog; and it is different than what you might think when you read these words: go green! I usually think of this with changing lightbulbs, recycling, using my cloth grocery bags, or planting a tree. But this go green tip is to eat more green–lots of dark green vegetables. We eat quite a bit already but it will be my “new” thing to eat much more. What new things will you do?

Year. . .it’s a long time and a short time. In a year, babies are born, loved ones die, sicknesses come and go or stay, and relationships come and go or stay. My prayer for you is that you will find many opportunities to love others well, take new steps towards honoring the body God gave you by putting good things in it and on it, and have a Holy New Year!

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