Happy 40th!

You may or may not know that this year on April 22 we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.  Earth Day gets us wondering about ways we can walk more gently in our beautiful world.  Think how much the world has changed in the last 100 years:  transportation, electronics, food supply, and the amount of information we are exposed to.   So how does all of this “advancement” fit into Earth Day?

So many of our recent “advancements” have not been good for keeping the world a clean, safe place to raise the next generations.  How many of our homes are “climate neutral”?  Climate Neutral means we totally offset our CO2 emissions and thus have a net-zero impact on the environment.  If you want to know more about how to do this, let me know.

Perhaps you think Earth Day and what it celebrates is bogus.  I think it could also be called People Day!  Having been an allergy sufferer all my life and spending time and money dealing with allergies, I am grateful for the solutions that Shaklee products give.  For example, I was wheezy, dizzy, headachy, and nauseated every time I cleaned our bathroom.  The cause?  Toxic cleansers.  This never happens now and I know I’m killing more germs besides!

This month, I’ll be sending Vitaminute each week to tell more about the Get Clean products, which are good for people and good for the earth.  Purchase the Get Clean Starter Kit and I will pay the shipping for it.  The kit cost is $149.60 and it will give you more than $3,400 worth of conventional ready to use products of other brands.  Think of all the plastic bottles that will stay out of  landfills.

In honor of Earth Day, please come to the St. John Library on April 14.  I will be giving some practical tips to “Go Green and Save.”  You may bring old batteries, cell phones, and ink cartridges for recycling.  Time: 7-8pm.

2 thoughts on “Happy 40th!

  1. I’m excited about your library talk–hope I can make it to hear you!

    Never really gave much thought to Earth Day before; thanks for the reminder.

  2. Hi Ann,
    You got me thinking of how I used to try to hold my breath as I cleaned the showers! It seemed “toxic” to me at the time, but I didn’t know there was an alternative. I am very thankful for the Get Clean line since all the cleaners work GREAT and allow you to breath while you use them! :o)~

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