Guess Where We Were?


In the middle of December our friends, Larry and Judie, invited us on a tour to Israel which would be leaving on February 6 (Henry’s 65th birthday) and returning on February 18.  We were honored by the invite and decided it was an opportunity not to miss.  The timing was perfect since Henry would be retiring on February 3. What a wonderful learning experience, full of many insights!

Friendship Insights.  We did not know many of the 38 people on the trip, but after 12 days we became a community of friends who learned and grew together. Here we are after a 25 minute hike, on the possible Mt. of Beatitudes, hearing what Jesus had taught the people in Matthew 5 in a new and fresh way.

Physical Insights. People in Bible times were physically fit! We did lots of walking, hiking, and climbing. The landscape is rocky and mountainous, a great contrast to midwestern America.  It was a blessing to be physically healthy and fit enough to be able to get “a feel” for what life was like for those living 2000 and 3000 years ago. No couch potatoes then that’s for sure.

Spiritual Insights. With all the places on earth, WHY did God choose this land of Israel to give us the Biblical story of His people?  I’d be happy to share what we learned, just ask.Feel free to read and see more about our tour on this link.

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    • It was amazing indeed and really helped us better understand the Bible, the people of the Bible, and the political environment. Good to be back too!

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