Food or food-like substances?

Why do you eat? and what are you eating? Is the “food” feeding your cells? This morning I listened to a great webinar, which by the way, is open to all of you who are interested in doing a better job of taking care of yourself and your family and are ready to make some changes. One of the bits of helpful information is that there are 12 teaspoons of sugar in a can of Mountain Dew. Stop to think about that! How many cans of pop go from the grocery store into your bodies each week, each day? Think about the “food” in the grocery store. Most of it didn’t even exist when I was a child. . .and I’m not that old!WHY-do-you-EAT-What-areThe concept of “feeding my cells” is what first attracted me to Shaklee. What are cells made of? Simply put–vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and pure water. And so what we put into our bodies must have these things in high quality. Would you be healthier if you had healthy cells throughout your body? Of course. This is why it is so important to put FOOD, not food-like substances into our bodies. More next time on what to do when we know we are not getting enough vitamins, minerals, etc in our depleted food. And as Barb Lagoni said in the webinar, “Most of us are not snacking on sardines.”


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  1. I’m a Shaklee distributor and have used Shaklee products for 30 years and love them! I found your blog recently and I’ve really enjoyed it. 🙂 I also love Barb Lagoni, she’s probably my favorite Shaklee speaker. Is there a way to listen to her webinar? Thanks!

    • Hi Vicki, So glad you enjoy the blog and thanks for commenting. I agree with you about Barb; she is a great nutrition teacher and a lovely person. I will email you the info about the webinar. Have a great Shaklee day!

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