Food Fight

The following excerpt is from an organic food blog, Organic Consumer’s Association, by Ronnie Cummins.  Perhaps you are reading similar stories about the dangers of GMO’s – genetically modified organisms, which was discussed here before. This labeling law will affect all of us whether or not it passes in CA. Read on if you want more information about what is in our food.

We are entering the home stretch of the most important food policy fight in your lifetime. Prop 37, the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, is a November 6 grassroots-powered, citizens’ ballot initiative that has huge implications for the future of food in this country.

This is a battle that pits the people – you, me, moms, dads, rich, poor, young, old – against fat-cat pesticide, biotech, and junk-food corporations who for years have shamelessly manipulated science, the political system, and the truth in order to rack up obscene profits at the expense of your health and safety.

This is a battle that has nothing to do with partisan politics. National polls show that 91% of Americans – republicans, democrats, independents, libertarians – want GMOs labeled.

This is a battle that began on the ground in California and has caught fire, garnering national and international media attention, drawing donors and volunteers from all 50 states.

This is a battle that we must win . . . if we are ever going to have what citizens in nearly 50 other countries already have: the basic right to know if our food contains pesticide-injected, bacteria and virus-laced genetically modified ingredients. Ingredients that, according to a growing number of scientists, are making us sick with everything from allergies and obesity, to cancer and        organ failure.

In a few short weeks, early voting begins in California. By Nov. 6, this battle will have been won or lost.

If you eat food, this is your fight. If you haven’t joined in, now is the time. 

This sample label looks simple enough. Would it really matter and more importantly why would it matter, to let us know what is in our food? There is more to the story. Read on at Organic Bytes. . .

Do you think this is a fight worth having?

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