Eating Well Is Difficult

So many people I know are working at healthier eating, losing weight, and getting fit; these are some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions. But they may difficult to accomplish.  Most of us try to change too many things at once and get discouraged when we don’t see results quickly. So I encourage you to pick one simple change and do it for a month.  Then add another next month.  Here are 5 out of 20 simple ideas from a simple book by Michael Pollan, Food Rules:

1.  Eat food  (Just curious–what does this mean to you?)

2.  Avoid foods that contain more than five ingredients

3.  Shop the peripheries of the supermarket and stay out of the middle

4.  Eat only foods that will eventually rot

5.  If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t

So, pick one of these to work on this month.  Let me know if you want the rest of his ideas or you might want to get the book.  Pollan’s philosophy reminds me of Dr. Shaklee, who  realized American health would suffer greatly with the milling of the grain 60 years ago. The milling took out most of the nutrients and left us with synthetic “enriched” bread. Because we were eating foods so deficient in nutrients, Dr. Shaklee decided to provide a company with products that are safe, products that work, and products that are green.  I believe the manufactured “food-like” substances on the store shelves have greatly impacted our health adversely. What do you think?

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