Curve Balls. . .Keep Looking Up

Curve balls. Life has plenty of them. Just when things are moving along somewhat normally, life can have a few curve balls. Usually it’s just one, but sometimes many happen together. That’s what happened in our family,  and it helped that our church was in the middle of a series about  life’s curve balls. keep looking up2

First curve ball: our daughter-in-law was diagnosed  with lupus and was already at an advanced stage with very few symptoms. After starting on some severe medications, this strong gal who was training for a triathlon, now spent most off her time on the couch with no energy and lots of fatigue. But last week we had the good news that the medications are doing their work and she will hopefully go into remission in the upcoming months. With the help of friends, family, and a loving church community they experienced the grace of God during a very stressful time. We are so grateful to see how others have blessed our kids.

Second curve ball: Henry’s 96 year old mother broke her hip, fell, survived the surgery, and is now having therapy. She is amazing! And God is good!

Third curve ball: two friends were diagnosed with cancer.

My take away: we need the Lord, we need each other, and we need to look up. My dad often said this little phrase. . .”keep looking up.” Of course he was referring to looking to the Lord for our help, strength, and peace; I’m not sure Snoopy was thinking the same thing. When life throws you curve balls, what do you do? Where do you turn? Are you with me and looking UP?

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    • Thanks to you, Joy, for commenting! Here’s a little update: Amy is doing much better with her adjustment to the meds. Henry’s mom is making progress. One friend’s cancer surgery today went very well and the Dr. is encouraged that she “got it all.” And the other friend’s surgery which was suppose to be tomorrow is postponed due to a scheduling error. However, her testimony of God’s grace in every part of this situation is wonderful. We are all “looking up.”

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